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Ndfeb magnet energy conservation, environmental protection and the characteristics of lightweight development

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet material in the 'energy conservation and environmental protection' and 'shorter' demand growth environment, ndfeb magnet industry long-term growth logic clear; And at present supply and demand situation in the industry is pushing prices continue to rise. In this case, the value of industry leading companies will gradually reflect. 2010 global market output of about 1 million tons, permanent magnet ferrite of annual output of about 900000 tons, annual output at 100000 tons, ndfeb magnet accounted for only 10% of the total output. Such as according to the current global ndfeb market size of about 8 billion dollars. Ndfeb magnets because of light weight, small volume, strong magnetic, and many other advantages, has begun to gradually replace ferrite permanent magnet, if the ferrite magnet nd-fe-b physical stamina instead of 50%, its output will amount to billions of dollars, from 2001 to 2010 decade, ndfeb demand was increased by more than five times, enough to explain the ndfeb is still a sunrise industry. Traditional applications ( Speaker, magnetic separation, permanent magnet motor, VCM, MRI, etc. ) Market penetration is high, there is steady demand growth, annual growth rate from 5% to 10%; The new applications ( Wind power, frequency conversion air conditioning, energy-saving elevator, hybrid cars, car EPS steering motor) Is the main power to promote the development of ndfeb industry. Ndfeb replace ferrite driver from three aspects: one is the needs of equipment 'lightweight', ndfeb magnet has the advantages of high energy, high density, the same volume of ndfeb magnetic ferrite is 1/10, 1/6 is its volume, summary of ferrite alternative to realize miniaturization, lightweight, thin, consumer electronics, and therefore is widely used in hard disk VCM, DVD drive, cell phone motor and electroacoustic device. Due to the size of the consumer electronics makers to equipment in the first place, and ndfeb accounted for a lower total cost of the equipment, therefore miniaturization demand rigidity; The second is 'high magnetic energy demand, ndfeb has a very high magnetic energy product and JiaoLi, is currently the highest permanent magnetic material in magnetic, so widely used in motor, automobile, electric tools, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic separation, acoustic field, due to the downstream manufacturers of ndfeb ratio is higher, cost of equipment and the equipment size requirement is not high, so the manufacturer to weigh the cost performance is given priority to, the demand has certain alternative; Three is 'energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, ndfeb strong magnet application in the field of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection at the same time, based on its miniaturization, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, application fields with wind power, energy-saving elevator, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles, EPS, etc. These links, ndfeb equipment initial cost is higher, but the long-term energy value is more outstanding, so rigid demand is bigger.
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