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Ndfeb magnet detection method _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Ndfeb magnet products ndfeb magnet methods generally used micrometer, calipers, gauss meter and fluxmeter, film thickness gauge measuring tools, etc. Film thickness gauge measurement finished plating thickness of ndfeb magnet, the use of film thickness gauge can effectively monitor the quality of electroplating magnets plating flexible adjustment. Micrometer and vernier calipers measurement tolerance of ndfeb magnet, the size, in mm. Gauss meter a point on the surface of magnetic force, main measuring magnet unit gaussian, due to the different magnets each point on the surface of magnetic force, and the edge of the magnetic force is higher than that of center of magnetic force, so the measured data error is big. Fluxmeter main measuring magnetic ndfeb magnet one facet, unit webb Wb, compared with gauss meter, fluxmeter measure data more objective and accurate. General magnet manufacturer will choose fluxmeter to test finished products ndfeb magnets, advice to the masses of customers in the incoming inspection also USES fluxmeter ndfeb magnet, on the one hand, measurement of time is more convenient, on the other hand and magnet factory inspection standard and unified, test data is objective, accurate, effective and timely monitoring of the magnet quality.
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