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Ndfeb magnet demagnetization of high temperature problem

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Ndfeb magnet demagnetization of high temperature problem, is well known, we from ndfeb magnet cost and performance are united in wedlock, make the use of the popular choice of their traditional magnets and create new product application, under the condition of the existing power has increased dramatically, allows you to use a smaller magnets, most of good design. Ndfeb magnets in the heat treatment procedures need to be careful, because ndfeb magnet demagnetization easily at high temperature. Under the stars and high temperature will learn together with you to explore the ndfeb magnet demagnetization problem. Because the ndfeb magnet neodymium iron content is high, they are also easy to oxidation, so, meet the conditions of various coating, depends on the operating environment of ndfeb magnet. Standard configuration: generally speaking, ndfeb magnet is divided into two main column list: disc and block. These powerful magnets, need careful handling, small magnets attract, from a distance and large magnets, can cause pain, even damage can break. CD cylindrical new is known as 'CD,' first generally is by the diameter of the height of the cylinder magnet tags, they are usually tall cylinder diameter. Straight line new called block is a rectangle or a square cross section with various thickness selection, rare earth neodymium samarium cobalt boron ( Ndfeb) Is an alternative, as samarium cobalt magnet can withstand higher temperatures, more resistant to corrosion, and summary. Provide ndfeb, samarium cobalt than the sensitivity of the market price is more expensive. Samarium cobalt is used in the computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tube, linear actuator, satellite systems and some of the motor. Common application: satellite system linear actuator computer cd-rom drives sensor vehicle ( Temporary stability is of vital importance) 。
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