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Ndfeb magnet demagnetization of high temperature is the most effective solution

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Friend knows a bit of a magnetic material knowledge, ndfeb magnet is magnetic materials industry recognized high performance and high ratio of magnet products, many high-tech fields are specified to use all kinds of spare parts, such as national defense military, electronic science and technology, medical equipment, electrical appliances, and other fields are involved. Use more easy to found the problem, which the magnet demagnetization phenomenon attracts the most attention in the high temperature environment. Why is the environment of high temperature demagnetization? Ndfeb is the demagnetization phenomena in high temperature environment, which is decided by its physical structure. General magnet can produce a magnetic field, because the material itself carried by electrons around the atoms in a certain direction of rotation, resulting in a certain magnetic field force, and influence on surrounding related affairs. But electrons around the atoms in accordance with the established direction also has a certain temperature conditions, different magnetic material can withstand temperature is different, in the case of too high temperature, the electronic will deviate from the original track, chaotic phenomenon, magnetic material at this time the local magnetic field will be upset, and demagnetization. And summary of temperature resistance probably around in the baidu, which is more than two baidu will appear demagnetization phenomenon, if the temperature is more high, demagnetization phenomenon is more serious. High temperature demagnetization of the most effective solution, don't put the ndfeb magnet products in high temperature, pay particular attention to its critical temperature, i. e. baidu, timely adjust its working environment temperature, can minimize the demagnetization phenomenon occurred. 2, that is, from technology to improve the performance of the magnets used in that it can have more temperature structure, is not susceptible to environmental impact. Three, you can also select the same magnetic energy product and high coercive force. If it is not only a little sacrifice that magnetic energy product, looking for a lower magnetic energy product, higher coercive force of the material, then no, you can choose to use a samarium cobalt, as for the reversible demagnetization, just choose the samarium cobalt. PS: each material has different characteristics. So choose the most appropriate, the most economical. Design will be thoughtful. Otherwise it will damage!
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