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Ndfeb magnet Curie temperature

by:Newland     2020-05-05
What is the Curie temperature? With the increase of temperature, material due to the internal thermal oscillation intensified elementary particles, magnetic material microscopic magnetic dipole moment of the arrangement of internal disorder, step by step on the macro performance for the magnetic pole strength J decreases with the increase of temperature, when the temperature rises to a certain value, the magnetic pole strength J drop to zero, the magnetic properties of magnetic materials became like nonmagnetic material such as air, the temperature is called the Curie temperature of the material ( Tc said) 。 Curie temperature Tc only associated with the composition of alloy, has nothing to do with the microstructure morphology and distribution of materials. Magnetic material of the Curie temperature Tc represents the theoretical temperature limit of the material. In fact, the actual working temperature of the permanent magnet Tw is far lower than the Tc. Sintered ndfeb Curie point temperature is 312 degrees Celsius, Tc is one of the important parameters of magnetic material, high Tc, the working temperature of materials can be improved, also can improve the temperature stability of the magnetic material. And cobalt, terbium and dysprosium can improve the Curie temperature of a magnetic material, so in the high neck force correction products ( H编码仍然仍然……) Is added such as dysprosium improve Tc materials. It is important to note that any of the sintered ndfeb Tw can work not only related to the Tc of magnets, can also and jHc of magnets and magnetic index, and the magnet in the magnetic circuit working condition.
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