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Ndfeb magnet can be used on which motors?

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Ndfeb magnets used in permanent magnet motor. Common permanent magnet motor are: permanent magnet dc motor, permanent magnet ac motor, permanent magnet dc motor are: a brushless dc motor, brushless motor, stepping motor ac permanent magnet motor are: synchronous permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet servo motor according to the motion way is also divided into permanent magnet linear motor and permanent magnet rotary motor. Because of rare earth permanent magnet magnetic is excellent, after magnetizing of adscititious energy can no longer need to set up strong permanent magnetic field, is used to replace traditional electric field of the motor made of rare earth permanent magnet motor has not only high efficiency, and simple structure, reliable operation, small volume, light weight can also do. Both can achieve for traditional electric excitation motor performance ( Such as, high efficiency, high speed, high response speed) And can be made into special motor can meet the requirements of a specific operation, such as the elevator traction motor, automobile motor, etc. Rare earth permanent magnet motor and power electronic technology and microcomputer control technology, to improve the performance of motor and drive system to a new level. So as to improve the performance of form a complete set of technical equipment and level, is one of the important developing direction of motor industry adjust the industrial structure. The range of application of rare earth permanent magnet motor is very broad, almost throughout the aviation, spaceflight, national defense, equipment manufacturing, the areas of industrial and agricultural production and daily life. It consists of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet generator, dc motor, brushless dc motor, ac permanent magnet servo motor, permanent magnet linear motor, special permanent magnet motor and related control system, almost cover the whole motor industry.
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