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Ndfeb magnet application field

by:Newland     2020-05-04
In the application of microwave communication technology: ndfeb magnets in radar technology, satellite communication, remote control, remote sensing technology, electronic tracking, need to use in electronic countermeasure technology, magnetic control valve, magnetic control traveling wave tube, a cathode ray tube, circulator are used magnets, etc. In the application of electrical engineering: more than a third of the rare earth permanent magnet production used to produce all kinds of permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet motor has the advantage of province copper, electricity, light weight, small volume, higher than the power. Electric bicycle motor, computer drive motor, lathe and so on line speed and rotational speed measurement of motor, elevator traction motor, refrigerator air conditioning mechanical and electrical machine, mahjong, wind motor, car and so on is widely application field. In the application of electroacoustic device: such as speakers ( The horn) , microphones, hearing AIDS, stereo headset ( MP3、MP4) , telephone receiver and the electroacoustic transducer and so on. In the application of the magnetic mechanical engineering: magnetic machinery including magnetic transmission device, magnetic brake and magnetic, magnetic gear fixture, magnetic extractor, magnetic bearing, magnetic pump, magnetic valve, magnetic FengMen, magnetic locks and permanent magnet jack, permanent magnet handling machine, etc. In the application of the means of transport: by using the principle of the same and made trains maglev train; Modern luxury cars need 15 70 permanent magnet devices, such as the windshield wiper motor, oil pump motor, open the window, door lock, to steam fog machine, automatic control apparatus, starter motor, etc. In the application of magnetic separation technology: using the magnetic method of separating ferromagnetic material and the ferromagnetic material technology, called magnetic separation technology. Magnetic separation technology in mineral processing, coal preparation and processing of raw materials, water treatment, waste treatment and in the medical, chemical industry and food industry widely application. In the application of magnetization technology: magnetized material to make use of the magnetic field effect, change the magnetized material bonding status and nature; Or change the atomic and electronic state to promote physical chemical reaction with the fuel combustion; Crystal morphology or freezing point, or change the material of this technique is called magnetization technology. Magnetizing apparatus, economizer in cars, the oil and paraffin oil, etc. Application in magnetic therapy and fitness equipment, such as magnetic therapy glass, magnetic ball, magnetic therapy, magnetic therapy shoes, caps, magnets bracelet, necklace, etc. , have developed rapidly in recent years the medical equipment of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) The amount of each in 3 - — 4 tons, imagine if each hospital with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in China, the amount of ndfeb magnet should be how much! Anyway since 1983 magnets every year since the invention of new application fields, the annual growth in more than 30%, the application prospect is very broad.
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