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Ndfeb industry report: high performance sintered ndfeb

by:Newland     2020-05-03
High performance sintered ndfeb, irreplaceable only Hcj (permanent magnet 'Kings' kOe) Ten ( BH) max( MGOe)> 60 of sintered ndfeb can only be called high performance sintered ndfeb, mainly used to produce hundreds of KW of HEV and EV generator, motor and permanent magnet motor manufacturing 103 KW level. Medium and small, micro special purpose of permanent magnet motor, sensors, magnetic resonance instrument, advanced audio-visual equipment is also an important application field of high performance sintered ndfeb. High performance sintered ndfeb is the most outstanding performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials, permanent magnetic material can replace other. The demand of high performance sintered ndfeb in the next five years will focus on the release of domestic wind power, energy-saving elevator, frequency conversion air conditioning, traditional automotive industry, new energy vehicles and electronic industry demand for high performance ndfeb will maintain stable growth in the future; Domestic other requirements such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), maglev train, and energy saving of oil pumping unit such as compared to the outbreak of the demand of high performance sintered ndfeb is just around the corner; Patents expire, the foreign market demand for China's high performance sintered ndfeb or will focus. Rare earth prices drop, sintered ndfeb supply growth is stabilizing the domestic rare earth supply tightening, rare earth production capacity continue to pay abroad, the dominance of China's rare earth supply will fundamentally reversed, future prices will return to reasonable, rare earth high volatility in the price fluctuation is greatly reduced, the possibility of the influence of rare earth price of ndfeb industry will decline; One's current level of prices, the low end of the sintered ndfeb no longer has a price advantage, phased out by the market, the supply of sintered ndfeb overall growth is slowing. Imbalance between supply and demand: high performance sintered ndfeb rare earth prices, vast space growth ndfeb industry concentration degree rise, high performance sintered ndfeb will gradually become the dominant of ndfeb products; Neomax 'monolith' difficult for a long time, the domestic high performance sintered ndfeb product market share gradually increase; Under the policy support, high performance sintered ndfeb opportunity for development, high performance ndfeb short supply situation in change; High threshold, high performance sintered ndfeb leading benefit most. Risk: 1, technological progress, to create new and more comprehensive performance and has cost advantage of permanent magnets, replace the high performance sintered ndfeb magnet; 2, the condition of the economic downturn, the downstream industry demand for high performance sintered ndfeb growth than expected.
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