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Ndfeb grade N35 magnet what do you mean? ( N35 detailed parameters) _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Ndfeb grade n35 magnet what do you mean? ( N35 detailed parameters) First of all, we can know from the n35, this is ndfeb magnets, n35 is just one of the performance of ndfeb magnet, 35 said the maximum magnetic energy product. N35, N38, N40, n42, n45, are n52 is such arrangement, such as the higher grades on behalf of the stronger the magnetic force, the price is more expensive! Rare earth ndfeb magnets, N represents the coercive force is low ( 12 koe) 35 mgoe, 35 represents magnetic energy product. N35 is a more commonly used on the market at present, of course, there are many provide under N35 magnet manufacturers, such as N33, N28 and so on. N35 ndfeb material maximum magnetic energy product of about 35 MGOe MGOe and conversion of kA/m3 is 1 MGOe = 8 kA/m3, N35 maximum magnetic energy product of ndfeb material of 270 kA/m3. 【 N35 magnet parameters in detail 】 Name: N35 powerful magnet material mark: N35 coating: traditional galvanized, nickel plating, can also according to customer requirements for other coating. Tolerance: & plusmn; 0. 05 shapes: circular, circular, cylindrical, tile type, abnormity such as density, & ge; 7. 5 ( g/cm3) Magnetization way: circular circle usually axial, radial and square magnet thickness, length or width direction of magnetization. Curie temperature: 350 degrees temperature: less than or equal to 80 degrees
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