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Ndfeb, ferrite magnet before processing color _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Magnet of primary colors, a lot of people say, is not to see what color is what color? In fact not, take a strong magnet ndfeb, its characteristic is easy corrosion and oxidation. So, you have to do in the surface layer of plating surface treatment, in order to better protect the magnet magnetic. Ndfeb if haven't plating color to dark gray, is not so black ferrite, hand over hand there will be less residual, online photos of ndfeb didn't before plating is few, ndfeb color appearance as shown in the figure below. Usually, we see the ndfeb is already good plating, common for zinc plated with nickel plating. Say next, ferrite magnets, ferrite primary color is black, the finished product is the same as the primary colors, black. Because of the characteristic of the ferrite itself has corrosion resistance, so don't need after plating, as shown. That is about the essence of ndfeb and ferrite magnets, magnet knowledge, ordered the magnet, welcome to contact CARDS Ricky.
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