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Ndfeb aging _ two important factors of ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
The application effect and effect of ndfeb magnet believe that everyone has a certain understanding, in the applications of all kinds of mechanical equipment, aging is inevitable a problem. Ndfeb strong magnet will be aging, so what's the situation ndfeb aging? What are reasons that affect aging in ndfeb strong magnet? Ndfeb aging there are generally two kinds of circumstances, is a kind of surface aging, without surface treatment, like plating, scale treated by oxygen, salt, corrosion of aging. There is a kind of high temperature demagnetization aging, more than the use of ndfeb temperature, there will be a magnetic phenomenon can reduce. Ndfeb aging main reasons: 1, put the magnet too wet small make up to inform you that the environment of magnets in damp or salt fog, that will affect the storage of ndfeb strong magnet. The sentence pseudo original long-term ndfeb surface finishes in such an environment that will lead to corrosion, resulting in ndfeb strong magnet aging phenomenon. Magnet manufacturer to return an excellent solution is given surface coating should choose 24 hours salt spray test coating or for a longer time of 48, 72 hours salt spray test coating. 2, the temperature is high, the environmental ndfeb strong magnet has N M gear such as different grades of material. Different type of magnet has different maximum working environment and the Curie temperature magnetic parameters. Such as ndfeb N number of magnet highest working temperature is 80 degrees, more than 80 degrees of working conditions may be less impact on magnetic. Curie temperature, the magnetic force will disappear. Normally, the highest temperature is reached can cause damage to the magnet, causing the damage of ndfeb strong magnet aging. The above is the two main factors that affect aging in ndfeb, finishing editing by ndfeb magnet manufacturers network, pay attention to this website, pay attention to more professional knowledge of magnetism.
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