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Nanjing have industrial and commercial registration magnet factory?

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Nanjing have industrial and commercial registration magnet factory? Just appeared in baidu search nanjing magnet manufacturer so relevant search, the net friend certainly is also want to find a factory of nanjing magnet, since small fu met you help him to solve this problem. Why is there this a search, the reason mainly lies in the user search nanjing magnet factory or magnet manufacturer of a few company's website, are B2B platform, small make up also don't know how this works, don't all pay attention to the website promotion? Nanjing local magnet manufacturers have? A, 1, nanjing huajing magnetic materials co. , LTD. Company profile of nanjing huajing magnetic materials co. , LTD is specialized in the production and sale of strong magnetic ndfeb, magnetic rod, magnetic frame, magnetic products. According to the customer's requirements in the production of various shapes and sizes of magnets, such as packaging disk, motor magnetic tile, magnetic ring, toy magnet, magnetic ball, in addition to iron magnetic rod, magnetic, magnetic separator square; 2. Company address in nanjing jiangning district of nanjing jiangning district road no. 688, 3. The company website at http://www. huaxumag。 Com / 2 1, nanjing Ming zinc magnetic industry co. , LTD. Manufacturer to introduce nanjing Ming zinc magnetic industry co. , LTD. Is specialized in the production of magnetic materials - — Ferrite magnet steel ( Magnetic tile) Manufacturers. 2. Company address nanjing lishui LiShui district east screen town donghu lu 3 in the farmer's market. The company website at https://shop00g967261g8u5. 1688. Com/three light magnetic industry co. , LTD. , nanjing 1. Factory introduction nanjing light magnetic industry co. , LTD. , founded in 1999, the company is located in the beautiful land of fish and rice hole lishui town, is a collection of production and processing, wholesale distribution of limited liability company, magnetic tile, magnetic steel, magnetic materials, permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile, permanent magnet ferrite magnets, dc motor magnetic tile, auto electrical magnetic steel, magnetic tile, auto motor massage motor magnetic tile, auto fan magnetic tile, auto evaporation magnetic tile, wax mechanical and electrical machine, magnetic tile, start the motor magnetic tile, window-adjusting motor magnetic tile, motorcycles starting motor magnetic tile, motorcycle magneto magnetic tile, garden motor magnetic tile is nanjing light magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main products. 2. The factory address in nanjing lishui county town of feng hole town town 3. Factory site https://njgmcy. 1688. Com / 4, 1. Nanjing heng chong magnetoelectric co. , LTD. Company introduction nanjing heng chong magnetoelectric co. , LTD. Is China's business in the field of high power high frequency soft magnetic ferrite core enterprise. 2. Company address XinGe Village qixia district in nanjing qixia street 3. Website address http://www. njmagnet。 Com/above this several are registered in male traders magnet factory, I hope it can help you. Such as more than the several nanjing magnet factory can't meet your requirements, Price quality) Ricky, you can also contact us card service for you. Related nanjing customer case annual eighth day thank jiangsu client order to help our company opened in the New Year
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