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N52 grade of the magnet is what? N52 magnets ( Parameters, gaussian and n50 distinction) _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
N52 grade of the magnet is what mean? N52 brand of ndfeb strong magnet magnetic energy product performance is high, the N52 is performance brand, according to the temperature coefficient is divided into, n, m, h, sh, and so on, the surface of the N52 5 * 5 gauss surface gauss than N42 5 * 5. In the production of N52 magnets manufacturers which have? N52 magnets magnetic force strong, the price is not cheap, so use this brand of customer is not much, basic N35 - N48 between. N52 ndfeb strong magnet material, is indeed exist, also really have the technology to produce high performance materials, however, the supply of materials on the market, being able to reach the highest N48, N50 has peaked, in the normal circulation of materials on the market of N52 ndfeb strong magnet materials are like antiques is hard to find, contemporary the limitation of sintered ndfeb strong magnet material technology, and Japanese manufacturing sintering technology is indeed to sintering producing truly meet N52 ndfeb strong magnet performance of material. Normally, N35 ndfeb strong magnet material wool embryo is F64 * * 35 54, under normal circumstances, ndfeb strong magnet magnetization direction will be no more than a materials MAO embryo length and width, because if the material of the magnetization direction once MAO embryo length and the width of the above materials, the magnetization orientation of magnetic molecules cannot reach an agreement, that is to say, there will be a magnet magnetization phenomenon cannot occur, so the high performance of N52 ndfeb strong magnet material in the production process and sintering process on the technical difficulty is more difficult than N35 material. Guess you attention N52 magnets parameters: N52 magnets: remanence: 1. 44 - 1. 48 ( T) Coercive force: 828 The maximum magnetic energy product 907 ka/m: 49. 5 - 52 N52 magnets working temperature below 70 ℃ N52 magnets with N50 magnet specific what's the difference? 1. The brand is 2. N52 magnetic energy product is 52. 3. N50 50 4 magnetic energy product. Remanence basic close to N50 gauss value will be on the high side is 5. Coercive force N52 above N50
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