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n.j. health group issues annual warning on spotting dangerous toys

by:Newland     2019-09-21
When shoppers are ready to hit the mall to find the perfect holiday gift, hospital staff are preparing for the inevitable consequences: the number of children has surged as they are injured by toys with poor production or wrong labels, so he was rushed to the emergency room.
Mary Joe abondanza, St.
The Francis Medical Center in Trenton said that as an emergency room nurse, she saw some toddlers swallow magnets and plastic toys, shaped as tempting as food.
She recalled that on her first birthday a child suffocated after biting a balloon.
\"The next day after Christmas, there is always an increase in children visiting our emergency room,\" said Abbondanza, one of the speakers at today\'s press conference in Trenton, the New Jersey public interest group hosted two games when it released its annual report on potentially dangerous toys, one of them.
\"We prepare Christmas activities for our employees.
The Toy Industry Association responded today that PIRG\'s report was \"unnecessarily frightening \".
\"Their\" headlines call for caution, but the fine print clarifies that most of the products on their list actually meet the strict toy safety standards that have been implemented in the USS.
According to the association\'s statement.
Over the past 27 years, PIRG has released a report called the trouble of Toyland. S.
Peter Skopec, the group\'s project assistant, said the Consumer Product Safety Committee had recalled 150 toys or taken other enforcement actions because of its research.
He said the European Commission could still adopt stricter standards.
\"We should believe that the toys we buy are safe.
However, before this happens, parents need to pay attention to common dangers when buying toys.
PIRG found four major threats when shopping at national chains such as Target, toy fight city and dollar discount stores: high
A power magnet that causes serious damage when swallowing;
Small toys in danger of suffocation;
Loud toys that damage hearing and products made of lead, cadmium and plastic
If taken, it will lead to softening of neighboring benzene Ester at risk of health.
Violators include an adventure guitar Dora made by Fisher Price, which is tested at 93 decibels --
Skopec said it exceeded the 85-decibels limit that the Commission considered acceptable.
\"Snake egg\" is a shiny cylindrical magnet that is hardly suitable in 1. 25-
The board is used to measure inch choke tubes for 3-1year-
The old child\'s airway
However, according to the report, if the Commission uses a slightly larger cylinder, the warning label would recommend not to sell to children under the age of 14, not children under the age of 4.
According to the report, from 2009 to 2011, 1,700 children in the country were treated in the emergency room due to the intake of magnets, of which 70% were between the ages of 4 and 12.
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Skopec advises parents to use sanitary paper tubes to measure the potential choking hazard of any toy they buy for young children.
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center treated more than 30,000 children in its pediatric emergency room last year. John A said: \"Any of them may have come here because of unsafe toys . \"
Brennan, President and CEO of the hospital hosting the Newark event.
\"Every time I see a child in the emergency department struggling with an unsafe toy, we take the time to educate the parents who were there at the time.
But frankly, it\'s too late . \"
You must be educated before you buy a toy.
\"This report can be found at njpirg. org.
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