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mynamar\'s rare earth: china\'s monopoly

by:Newland     2019-09-10
China\'s monopoly in rare earth fields such as Xenotine, Monazite, Columbite and Tantalit is the same number of uses in smartphones and hybrid cars.
China enjoys a monopoly in rare earth, and it also needs rare earth in smartphones and hybrid cars.
Myanmar is being watched around the world in the hope that it will become another source of this precious commodity.
As we all know, Myanmar has rare earths such as Xenotine, Monazite, Columbite and Tanjung, and the reforms brought by President Thein Sein have led the technologysavvy and wide-
The industrial giant that focuses on deposits in Myanmar.
Although the name of rare earth is rare earth, it is relatively common in the Earth\'s crust.
But due to their chemical properties, they are not often found in economically recoverable concentrations.
China\'s monopoly on rare earths accounts for more than 95% of global trade.
It produces most of the two important rare earth elements. 99 percent)and Neodymium (95 percent).
Rare earths are also available in other countries, but rare earths are low in China.
Cost labor and less stringent environmental restrictions give it a big advantage.
South Korea, aware of business politics, reached a rare earth deal with Myanmar in 2010.
Rare earth is essential for technology products such as smartphones and hybrid cars.
According to the U. S. Geological Survey, they are also used for computer CDs and missiles, as well as television screens and micro-mobile phones, about 13 million metric tons of rare earth elements (REE)
Existing in known deposits in the United States.
Rare earth is a group of 16 metal elements with similar properties and structures, which are in the manufacture of diversified and expanding high-
Technology applications.
It is an important component.
Strong magnets, metal alloys for batteries and lighting
Weight structure.
These are important components of many current and emerging alternative energy technologies such as electric vehicles, photos
Battery, energy-
Efficient lighting and wind power generation.
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