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Myanmar for heavy rare earths in rare earth export to start again years later is expected to rise sharply

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Nearly two months, rare earth soft spot and a-share market performance, until recently the rare earth market recovered. SMM understand, now myanmar to China's imports of ionic type rare-earth ore pass shut down again. The for Burma has to start the move, to start the cause or for the Burmese government think Chinese companies in Burma had no legal mining licence, mining thieves dig damage to local environment, and raised some international events. The information we currently is or will be delayed indefinitely in myanmar to start time, until they specification. Burma has banned exports events from late 2018 to start fermentation. Since November 3, 2018, yunnan tengchong customs retreat, all myanmar resources-type commodity imported to China, the retreat for unknown reasons, the customs clearance time is unknown. On December 14, 2018, tengchong mine clearance customs for Burma, designating a five months. On February 14, 2019, yunnan tengchong city full stop of rare earth on chemical raw materials exports to myanmar, coverage includes ports tengchong, yunnan beach, monkey bridge and the surrounding and the national first-class port. On May 15, 2019 officially start, banning all rare earth business related products for import and export trade. After the end of 2018 from Burma on import aspects of shutting down, subsequent gives five months of execution and officially start on May 15, 2019. Affected, headed by oxidation of dysprosium and terbium oxide of the heavy rare earth prices experienced a sharp rise in band type, terbium oxide from a low of 2900 yuan/kg to near 4200 yuan/kg, rose as high as 45%. Dysprosium oxide from around 1150 yuan/kg to high near 2000 yuan/kg, up more than 70%. Mid to late September 2019, imports of ionic type rare-earth ore pass again open, market to the affairs of heavy rare earth prices confidence shaken, dysprosium, terbium prices downward pressure. According to the previous in 2019 issued by the ministry of industry and mining smelting index, on the whole, mining index increased 1. Add 1, 20000 tons of smelting separation indicators. 20. 01 million tons, subdivide the mine, increase the production indexes of rock ore type of rare earth ( Light) As our country has advantage resources of ionic type rare-earth ( Mainly in heavy) The index was flat. Recently, sichuan provincial department of the letter is in a news release according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the relevant department of natural resources quota, as soon as possible to reach relevant mining enterprises under the year production target, domestic production of rare earths is on-time policy requirements clear. SMM believes that the imports from Burma of ionic type rare-earth ore import mark an open shut down again and again for the present time, the heavy rare earths in the subsequent product price or is expected to continue to rise sharply, but near the end of industrial chain stores in the capital pressure, to satisfy the demand of the market prices of support kinetic energy co. , LTD. , is expected to short-term gains is limited, heavy rare earth products in years could rise sharply. This article is reproduced in Shanghai non-ferrous nets, Ricky xiaofu finishing editing the card industry news. Rare earth related articles; China the opposite tack on rare earths in the us and Europe to Australia for exports of rare earths in November 2019, 2635. 8 tons, quantity price rise too
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