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my guess: elon musk is talking about a vacuum channel inductrack

by:Newland     2019-11-19
Tech geeks are raving about Tesla founder Elon Musk\'s plans to build a super high-speed rail between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Example design popped up on Twitter, this one from @ john_gardiI may be far from the base, but what I\'m trying to say is that first he wants to use Inductrack. This is a new-
Use ish but very sensible technology with permanent magnets placed on the train.
The coil on the track.
It turns out that if you arrange everything correctly, the permanent magnet will create a repulsive magnetic field in the wires enough to lift the train into the air.
Neither the wires nor the trains need electricity to complete the work.
Instead, all you need to do is move the train, and the train\'s motion will cause induction, which will turn the wires into magnets to lift the train.
At this point, the train will continue to sail and accept the degree to which air resistance slows down.
So, to remove the air resistance, you can put the train in a vacuum tube.
Of course, now people can\'t be exposed to a vacuum, so it has to go into the pressurized chamber when the train enters the station. But -
This is the most beautiful part.
The pressurized room can be used to push the train as follows: the train enters the pressurized station.
Pick up passengers.
Train door lock.
The door to the pressurized station opens and the air enters the pipe as the train enters.
Now, the train is moving, and the induced passage takes over the train lifting from the track.
Because, along the route, the pressure gradient has been falling, and the train will not slow down (
Partially pressurized)end station.
You have the problem of keeping the vacuum, but this can also be used well.
Take air from the top of the tube along the route.
This can not only keep the vacuum, but also lift the train to the air when it first travels.
The air in the pressurized station will flow into the pipeline faster along the top where the vacuum comes from, so there will be a net upward force on the train.
The advantage of using an inductive track for lifting and pressure gradients for pulses is that if the tube breaks or other major faults, the train slides slowly towards the track and the tube reaches normal atmospheric pressure
Then you can go out.
No crashes and burns.
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