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Mud is how to understand the magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-29
Can follow the magnet 'mud' is how to? This is the answer! Simple things now become so confused, just like magic, mystery and secret as long as you know, everything will become very simple and naive. Like this embarrassing things, a great god is going to make it become a marvelous thing, with a magnet to attract it and make it follow the magnet. Please enter the picture description first find a muddy thing, until change the color again after mixing, combined with other materials. Let this muddy puzzle, and then add some dark matter, the biggest hero experiment, and then took the picture magnets and abrasive paper. Magnets keep on sandpaper friction, there are a lot of magnet and it is well known in the sand paper. Even if half the battle, it is also a sports activities. If students to estimate the hand, it will be hard to keep it up! Then add this pile of magnets to the black mud, then stir for a long time, until the magnet total integration in there, you can add a few small powerful magnets, make this kind of mud more 'attractive'. If you appeal to the magnet, it will do more with less money!
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