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moving the heaven to get some rare earth

by:Newland     2019-10-20
An interesting message came about a month ago. One Mr.
Naveen Jain started a company called Moon Express Inc.
In California, there are plans to launch robotic probes into the moon.
These rover will look for minerals and ores containing rare earth elements, such as: y, pro, Nyobium, etc. , and will send back images to the control station on Earth after discovery.
The team will then plan to send a spacecraft to the moon to retrieve the rare earth minerals and bring them here. An out-of-the-box (more an out-of-the-earth)idea!
After all, recall that the moon was once a part of the Earth and popped up from US (
Or simply take a break.
Starting from the current position of the Pacific Ocean, or due to the collision of external objects)
In the early history of the solar system.
Therefore, it is not impossible for some of our ore and minerals to appear on the moon;
With this technology, why not explore there?
Why pay attention to rare earth? What are they?
As many chemistry students know, this is a group of 17 elements in the periodic table, especially 15 in the \"rare earth element group\", plus SC and y.
In fact, when they are discovered, they pose an embarrassment to the order of the periodic table, just like an inert gas (
Also called rare gas)did.
But the latter can simply be added as an additional column (the zero group)
Where they decorate
But the rare earth element must be combined in one position with an asterisk and a footnote.
All 15 elements from la (
Atomic Number 57)to Lutetium (
Atomic Number 71)
A place on the table, between Barium (56)and Hafnium (72).
They happen together.
In a given ore, for example, ytterbit named from the village of Ytterby in Sweden, the oxide of y and ce was first discovered.
Further analysis found that there are two other oxides, la and Didymium (
It itself is a double mixture of dymium and nd).
These Swedish ore produce one element after another, just as the Russian Matryoshka doll contains the doll in the doll.
Ytterby village is famous for its seven elements.
Yb, Er, Tb, Y, Pr and Nd)
Named after it.
What\'s the use of them?
Since they have significant electronic structures, these elements and their compounds are very useful in the manufacture of special glass, battery electrodes, superconductive electrical materials, magnets, microwave cavities and, of course, laser sources.
One of the most commonly used lasers for YAG (yttrium-aluminium-garnet)
Its cousin is Nd-
YAG also contains the element nd.
Other rare earth elements are used in magnets, steel, MRI enhancing agents and fluorescent materials.
They are everywhere in today\'s electronics: CDs
Drivers, micro-rechargeable batteries, monitors, TV monitors, range machines, night vision, etc.
Soon, these elements and oxides became less rare than people thought.
In fact, they are as much as copper, mainly in Brazil, China, South Africa, Malaysia, the United States, and of course India.
We found rare earth ore in Kerala, and the atomic energy department has a company called Indian Rare Earth.
It is estimated that as many as 134,000 tons of rare earth metals are used every year around the world, while only 124,000 tons of rare earth metals are mined.
Given this huge appetite, countries with supplies are in a good position, and rare earth is a new oil reserve.
China, which occupies the world\'s supply, has decided to cut exports and regulate mining.
Congressional research has distributed a note to U. S. Policy makers highlighting the impact this will have on national security.
Rare earth metals are used in missile navigation systems, jet fighter engines, underwater lightning detectors, etc.
Aware of the importance of this, India seems to be ready for policy as well.
More than a new country
A two-pronged strategy was put forward, not only to increase domestic production, but also to establish joint ventures with international participants.
Although we offer only 2% of the world\'s needs today, on the one hand, business opportunities, and on the other, national needs, we call for such action.
No wonder Navin Jain wants to go to the moon.
If he can, should we do the same?
The moon is as free as the Antarctic (
Just further away)
Several countries set up tents in tents and threw flags in tents.
Unlike the colonial rule of the Gold Coast (Ghana)
Portugal and Britain conquered the local population, or the Belgians conquered the Congo for diamonds.
So is there a rule for this exploitation and possession of virgin territory, or is it free for all-first come first served?
Is there an international law or a recognized practice? I wonder. dbala@lvpei.
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