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Moulded adhesive ndfeb magnets will be energy saving frequency conversion the strongest practical benefits of home appliance 'heart'

by:Newland     2020-05-09
Moulded adhesive ndfeb magnets will be the most practical benefits of energy saving variable frequency electrical appliances 'heart', along with the implementation of energy-saving appliances subsidy policy, headed by frequency conversion electrical appliances energy-efficient appliances will gain great development, mould of adhesive ndfeb magnets in the field of energy saving variable frequency electrical appliances for the important application. For example, the use of high temperature resistant moulded adhesive ndfeb magnet made of electromagnetic valve, through working with frequency conversion air conditioning compressor, realize the precise control of refrigerating capacity, can achieve 30%. Electromagnetic valve is energy-saving products instead of traditional thermal expansion valve, represents the development direction of variable frequency electrical appliances. Love, led by the famous expansion valve manufacturer, ink company and are actively developing based on moulding of adhesive ndfeb magnet electromagnetic expansion valve, consumption will rise gradually each year, the pressure molding process is a moulded adhesive ndfeb magnet production craft, can produce a uniform cross section, thin wall, large diameter, good concentricity of the magnet used for office automation equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners and multi-function equipment, can be used as the equipment of various magnetic roll drive motor magnets and laser printing the copier, etc. , large diameter thin-walled die instead of low performance of adhesive ndfeb magnet ferrite magnets. Can use a narrow air gap and light-duty to compensate for the disadvantages magnet unit price is high, at the same time in order to smooth operation, low energy consumption, low noise to significantly improve print quality, extend the life of the equipment. At present, the global moulded adhesive ndfeb magnets in the industry, shenzhen star 'now, magnetic industry co. , LTD. For energy conservation of frequency conversion electrical appliances and office equipment' strong heart 'adhesive ndfeb permanent magnet rotor has realized the high speed, high performance, light weight, low noise, good mechanical properties and dynamic balance, as the new application of market expansion, the two applications will be moulded adhesive ndfeb magnets magnet industry in the new economic growth point.
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