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Mould copper quality directly affects the hall sensors

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Automobile sensor circular or the circular hall sensor are mostly adopts bonded ndfeb magnetic ring or injection molding magnetic ring, and both of them need to use mould can be produced. Today we are talking about mould copper quality directly affects the hall sensors. Injection molding magnetic ring the stand or fall of a sensor magnetic ring, has a strong link with mold, to say the mold is circular and the indispensable part in life, have no mould and no magnetic ring, such as for mould is one of the important tools, making the circular and circular and the first step is made by a mold to stamping molding, and mold and molding machine, ferrite materials, etc. These are very critical, to high quality copper, must grasp the steps, because the steps are the beginning of the production of copper, not done well in the beginning, not to mention behind the process. First, ferrite materials by granulation, ground into powder, add on the molding machine, can't contain particles, or produce the circular surface is rough, easy to crack, fragile, etc. When molding mould must be set, this step is very important, mould, none in stamping, easy to damage to the mold, and produce copper will deformation, at the same time to different size of the circular shape or specifications, according to the blueprints to create different mould. When molding, stamping strength must be good, too much can also lead to mold damage, a small-scale production of circular and density is not enough, not strong enough, the grinding can also lead to problems such as the circular crack or fragile. So at the start of manufacturing copper products, be sure to check each step. Ready, start at the back of each process will follow up and pay attention to, no matter in a process that have to be serious to do, in this way can the circular and do the best quality products. Through the above introduction, we learned the sensor function and importance of the circular mould, more knowledge of magnets, small make up will in the future, to introduce. Ricky magnet card manufacturer, specializing in the production of customized temperature control switch, auto motor magnetic ring, magnetic ring, the pump rotor magnet ball float switch magnetic ring, robot injection magnetic, copier injection magnetic, etc. , welcome to figure to sample quotation, customization. The editors recommend sensor magnets related articles; The combination of magnetic sensor and composite magnet application will auto ABS wheel sensor magnet steel ( This Mosaic)
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