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Motor tiles magnet drawing and key data labeled _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Motor magnetic tile is one of the permanent magnet is mainly used in magnet tegular permanent magnet motor. Below the Curie temperature, ferromagnetic or the ferromagnetic materials within many each with spontaneous magnetic moment, and magnetic moment pairs of small area. They are arranged in the direction of the disorder, such as magnetization without magnetic field, as a whole, zero magnetic moment. These small regions called magnetic tile. In the absence of magnetic tile sample, magnetic tile drawings, for magnet manufacturers, is also more important, the relationship between the magnetic tile to accuracy, so a custom motor magnetic tile, Ferrite tile ndfeb tile type magnet) Magnet salesman will follow you to magnetic tile drawings, as well as procurement required quantity, material, etc. , are made clear after the nuclear price to you. For very little contact with this or use for the first time customers may be a bit stupid, what is required to provide magnetic tile key data? Have no magnetic tile two-dimensional figure ( The 2 d drawings) Under reference? The following is a motor tiles magnet drawing and the key data. Above is about magnetic tile 2 d drawings, provided by the ndfeb magnet manufacturers website. A magnetic tile offer, magnetic tile sample motor welcome customers contact us.
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