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Motor ndfeb magnetic tile

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Motor vehicle ndfeb magnetic tile: will this two phase alternating current (ac) into two groups and four groups, each motor coil winding, is formed in the machine, rotating magnetic field, rotating magnetic field to produce induced current in the motor rotor, rotating magnetic field and the magnetic field produced by induced current in the opposite direction, by rotating magnetic field into a state push-pull rotation. Influence on motor: the motor vehicle ndfeb magnetic tile impact on motor performance of motor magnetic energy is bigger, the better, this will greatly enhance the work efficiency of the motor; Motor demagnetization curve of the rectangular degree, the better, the smaller the dynamic loss; The higher resistivity of permanent magnetic ferrite, the smaller the eddy current losses; Permanent magnetic ferrite temperature coefficient is small, only have good temperature stability at high temperature.
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