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Motor manufacturer collapse of one of the main reasons is the use of inferior magnetic steel

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Quality is vital to the survival of an enterprise, yesterday afternoon, the millet mobile phone quality summary meeting, founder of lei jun again clear objectives, quality is the lifeline of millet, iron products quality win the market, visible at any time, any enterprise, take the quality as the center. Since 2017, a large number of motor factory suffered a collapse, only the first half of this year, there are macro city, fine horse, Wilson benesch successively has more than 20 motor factory closed down, most basic is the main reason for the capital rupture. Recently, the sole informant Mr C fact: xuzhou loose credit motor suspected collapse! Inferior with professional analysis, which USES magnetic steel is the main cause of the motor manufacturer collapse, one of the magnets, as one of the major components of motor, motor companies to excessive pursuit of cheap, using poor quality magnets, this may be a waste to use ( Especially the electric motor industry) , just want to reduce the cost, finally do more harm than good, led to the instability of the quality of the product performance, customer don't accept. Due to the receivable difficult situation. Once the payment days extended or bad debts, capital chain is facing serious impact, bankruptcy is between the extreme danger. What is the effect of using inferior magnetic steel? 1, magnetic instability, uneven distribution. 2, short service life. 3, poor heat resistance performance, easy to demagnetization. Therefore, improving the quality of motor products using high quality magnets is urgently needed! Small make up just want to say, 2017, the boss survive! Ricky - card Dongguan is one of the most professional motor magnet motor manufacturers, the main ndfeb abnormity ndfeb magnets, motor magnetic tile, ferrite magnetic tile, etc. Welcome to motor manufacturers to negotiate cooperation!
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