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Motor magnets how to choose? What is the role? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Motor magnets is one with the electric solenoid, solenoid magnet magnetic motor size associated with the number of turns in the solenoid. Motor magnets working principle: the principle of the magnet is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, it is mainly used to calculate beower Shava's law and kirchhoff's law field design. Motor magnets are characterized with and without magnetic magnet itself, can switch the current control, to control the size of the magnetic can change the size of the current, the direction of the pole has a current decision. The application scope of all kinds of small precision motor magnet motor magnets and magnet application components, as the automatic control system of the execute device, has been widely used in industrial automation control, office automation, medical equipment and other fields. Such as office equipment, video equipment, equipment, packaging machinery, medical equipment, food machinery, textile machinery, automatic sorting machine, automatic teller machines, vending machine, punch machine, electromagnetic locks, all kinds of remote control, brake device, counting device, entrance guard system, etc. Motor magnets to choose the main parameters of the following parameters need to be considered for the customer to choose or customize the motor magnets: 1 shape: can be installed motor magnets position can hold the largest size: length, width and height, the maximum stroke and the suction motor magnets after power and reset force three required. To provide motor magnet maximum voltage; Current? Voltage stability, ac/dc power supply, can provide the positive and negative pulse power? Motor magnets whether need long time continuous work; The longest and the shortest interval between two electricity. System, using the use of magnet motor magnets for the special requirements of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, acceleration, etc. The classification of motor magnets 1. Action: such as electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic sucker, lifting motor magnets, etc. All kinds of automatic relay, contactor, solenoid valve, electric hammer, electric bell, etc. 2. The power of the excitation coil type: dc and ac power. Normal movement speed: fast movement, movement and slow motion. 4. The movement of the armature ways: direct movement and rotation of 5. According to the shape of magnetic circuit, open circuit magnets such as spiral pipe; Closed-circuit magnetizing apparatus such as plate ( Lifting motor magnets) , jewellery, Ⅱ Ⅲ ( E) , armoured solenoid note: generally in industry, according to the structure, can be easily assembled into three types: making gem: disc type, the second principle can be divided into such, class, the shortest trip. Spiral pipe, the longest trip E: journey somewhere in between.
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