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by:Newland     2020-03-29
What is a magnetic tile? It is one of the permanent magnet is mainly used in magnet tegular permanent magnet motor. Below the Curie temperature, ferromagnetic or the ferromagnetic materials within many each with spontaneous magnetic moment, and magnetic moment pairs of small area. They are arranged in the direction of the disorder, such as magnetization without magnetic field, as a whole, zero magnetic moment. These small regions called magnetic tile. Magnetic tile classification: according to the material can be divided into three kinds: 1, 2, ndfeb magnetic ferrite magnetic tile tile 3, according to the shape alnico magnet can be divided into three kinds: 1, concentric magnetic tile different R 2, infidelity with magnetic tile 3 R, infidelity different R magnetic tile magnetic tile use: magnetic tile mainly used in the permanent magnet dc motor, and through the excitation coil electromagnetic motor produce different magnetic potential source, permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnet to produce a constant source of magnetic potential. Permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of electric excitation has many advantages, can make the motor has simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable, small volume, light weight, less use amount of copper, copper low consumption, low energy consumption, etc. The influence of the performance of motor magnetic tile, 1) The rest of the high magnetic induction intensity Br. Because under the same magnetic pole surface and air gap, Br to produce high output torque and power. Motor will have higher efficiency. ( 2) High Hcb. Because of the high Hcb, can ensure that the motor output required electromotive force, make the motor working point close to the maximum magnetic energy product, the ability to make full use of the magnet. ( 3) High Hcj. Hcj have stronger resistance to overload can ensure high motor demagnetization and anti-aging, the ability of resistance to low temperature. ( 4) High ( BH) 上限。 ( BH) The higher the Max, said permanent magnetic ferrite in the operation of the motor in the actual work coefficient, the better. ( 5) Magnetic energy & Phi; The bigger the better, this will greatly improve the work efficiency of the machine. ( 6) Demagnetization curve of the rectangular degree, the better, the less dynamic loss of the motor. ( 7) The higher resistivity of permanent magnetic ferrite, the smaller the eddy current loss. ( 8) Permanent magnetic ferrite temperature coefficient is small, only have good temperature stability at high temperature ( 9) Small starting current, small time constant. The impact on the power supply was low. Magnetic tile magnetization: 1, the magnetization, magnetic tile alone again into the chassis, and then assemble as a whole; 2, magnetic tile into the chassis ( Glue) Again the magnetization and assembly as a whole. 3, magnetic tile into the chassis ( Glue) , then assembled finished products, and finally the overall magnetization. Brief history: the development of magnetic tile is vary according to the requirements of the permanent magnet motor itself. Magnetic tile magnetic tile production process: according to different materials and categories, its process also vary widely. Ferrite tile is given priority to with sintered ferrite, ndfeb magnetic tile divided into two categories, sintered and binding. 1, the sintered ferrite magnetic tile production process is mainly divided into wet working pressure of the opposite sex, gay, pressure of the opposite sex, is the difference between the straight and gay, is whether the press molding has a magnetic field orientation. Here introduces wet wet compression process is: the pressure of the opposite sex process raw material & ndash; — Presintering & ndash; — Coarse grinding, A ball mill) — — Ingredients & ndash; — The second ball mill ( Wet milling) — — Magnetic molding & ndash; — Sintering & ndash; — Grinding & ndash; — Cleaning & ndash; — The magnetization. For forming slurry contains water, than dry pressing molding particles in magnetic field easy to the opposite sex can obtain higher orientation degree, its performance is also higher. 2, sintered ndfeb magnetic tile: ingredients & ndash; — Smelting & ndash; — Broken & ndash; — Milling & ndash; — Magnetic molding & ndash; — Isostatic pressing & ndash; — Vacuum sintering and tempering & ndash; — The cutting and processing & ndash; — Plating & ndash; — The magnetization. The above is the site of magnetic tile, focus on strong ndfeb CiChang home network, pay close attention to more information on magnetic tile.
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