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by:Newland     2020-04-03
What is the motor magnetic tile? Below the Curie temperature, ferromagnetic or the ferromagnetic materials within many each with spontaneous magnetic moment, and magnetic moment pairs of small area. They are arranged in the direction of the disorder, such as magnetization without magnetic field, as a whole, zero magnetic moment. These small regions called magnetic tile in ferromagnetics there is a strong between adjacent electronic & quot; Exchange coupling & quot; Role in without external magnetic field, they can spin magnetic moment in a tiny area & quot; Spontaneous & quot; Spontaneous magnetization lined up together to form a small area, known as magnetic tile. Without magnetization ferromagnetics, although there are certain each magnetic tile internal spontaneous magnetization direction, there is a lot of magnetic, but a lot of different magnetization direction of the magnetic tile and the ferromagnetic mass do not show. When electric ferromagnetics in external magnetic field, the spontaneous magnetization direction and Angle of the external magnetic field direction into small magnetic tile as with the increase of the magnetic field and to expand its volume, and further make the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile to external magnetic field direction. Motor magnetic tile? Mainly used in the permanent magnet dc motor, and through the excitation coil electromagnetic motor produce different magnetic potential source, permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material produce constant magnetic potential source. Permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of electric excitation has many advantages, can make the motor has simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable, small volume, light weight, less use amount of copper, copper low consumption, low energy consumption, etc. Motor magnetic tile installation? There are generally two kinds, one kind is low speed, with AB glue joint; Is a high speed with stainless steel sleeve of the reoccupy after AB adhesive joint; Will only use AB glue meet many of the add a layer of plastics in the outside, this can be fixed with, one is to prevent iron things are not good adsorption to the magnet steel surface to remove, or remove the magnet steel surface electrophoresis layer destruction! Generally below 3000 RPM, diameter within 55 answer there is no big problem with AB glue! Motor magnetic tile types? 1, 2, ferrite magnetic ndfeb magnetic tile tile. 3, bonded ndfeb magnetic tile. 4, samarium cobalt magnetic tile. Basic rarely use is very good, the product will be used. Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers if net in ndfeb magnet products research, development, production and sales of motor magnetic tile manufacturers.
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