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Motor in practical use three main cause of permanent magnet demagnetization

by:Newland     2020-03-26
There are often customers will have permanent magnet motor demagnetization problem, so what's the matter? May be due to what? Today Ricky to everyone say motor magnets manufacturers card cause permanent magnet demagnetization in practical use of the three main reasons. A, the permanent magnet material itself causes of demagnetization we currently use servo motor are ndfeb permanent magnets ( Arc) , ndfeb permanent magnets with high remanence, high intrinsic coercivity, highest permanent magnet is magnetic, and high content in rare earth neodymium, iron, boron, cheap, and cobalt containing no strategic materials. But the deficiency of ndfeb permanent magnet material is thermal stability is poor, we use the magnetic steel grades for N38SH ndfeb permanent magnets heat resistance at 150 ℃, as long as the temperature over 150 ℃, it will cause irreversible demagnetization, in addition to all ndfeb permanent magnets have a lot of iron, neodymium metal materials, surface oxidation, tend to have epoxy coating or electrophoretic coating, electroplating, if the coating process is unqualified, in use process will occur because of the partial oxidation of permanent magnet demagnetization. 2, electrical design of the causes of demagnetization if the motor is not fully understand when the design working condition, the actual working point below the demagnetization curve inflection point, so will be irreversible demagnetization in use process, and usually the design calculation of the working point is often the average working point of permanent magnet, and due to differences in local permanent magnet material, also have to calculate the maximum of permanent magnet demagnetization working point. And the motor design to fully consider the internal temperature is within the 105 k, if beyond this range, also will cause irreversible demagnetization. Three, demagnetization motor caused by the use of improper use of conditions, especially the high temperature or in the case of mechanical vibrations, may lead to motor magnets demagnetization; In addition, electric captain time overload due will also make motor temperature is too high and produce irreversible demagnetization. That is about the motor in be used actually cause permanent magnet demagnetization three of the most common reason, have to Ricky magnet motor magnets quotation proofing welcome contact CARDS manufacturers. Article first published in March 2019, modification on January 14, 2020, modify reason: add site related content. Sites related to magnetic steel demagnetization articles; What is the square demagnetization curve chart? High temperature ndfeb magnet demagnetization of the most effective solution out of the magnetic magnet what are the difference with the original no demagnetization magnet?
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