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most expensive homes in the u.k. 2006

by:Newland     2019-11-18
Whether they live in Delhi, Dubai, Richmond or London
The rich are not like the masses.
They don\'t have a house.
Not only did their house exceed others in size and cost, but they also had amenities such as heated marble driveway, Turkish bathroom for 20 people
Cinema House, square acres and acres-
Most people who have not won the lottery can only dream of shots and luxury goods.
Another common point of these two is that many of them can be found in the United States. K.
Anyone who has seen a businessman
It can be proved that there is no shortage of impressive things in Britain.
From crumbling castles and Jacobean mansions to massive Level 1 estates, air trips to United villages in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales will find many of these stone walls hidden behind the hedge, even the strange moat.
Alas, many of them now, because the old family that owns them can\'t afford to keep this old place going, or the shame of being entrusted to the National Trust Fund, there are plenty of tourists queuing up every week, and the owners of the nobles are tragically hiding in their rooms.
However, there are still many people in the United States. K.
Buy, build and maintain the dosh of the modern palace.
Vital to the financial world, economic and political stabilityK.
For the past century, rich businesses have been safe havens for their assets.
From the overthrow of Greek and Iranian monarchs to the arrival of the Arab 1970 oil crisis, overseas cash snapped up some of the country\'s most expensive trophy houses.
The most publicized is the purchase of 18-
London\'s Kensington Palace Garden, bought by Lakshmi Mittal, founder of Mittal Steel, from f1 founder Bernie ekleston for £ 70 million in 2004.
Recently, the Russian oil oligopolistic Leonard Blavatnik has launched a fierce battle with fellow Roman Abramovich and Mittal.
15 on the same road, 41 million for 10 peoplebedroom, nine-bathroom home.
Today, Middle Eastern families, Russian tycoons and Nigerians supported by the oil dollar are the target audience of the United States. K. \'s high-
Real estate agency.
\"In the United States, these countries already have strong communities. K.
\"It always makes new buyers feel welcome,\" said Trevor Abrahamsohn of Glentree Estates . \".
\"We are just waiting for the arrival of the Chinese.
\"However, UK buyers are not excluded.
Due to the strong performance of £ 2005 on the London Stock Exchange, many local bankers, investment managers and hedge funders who have received record bonuses may also get the house --hunters--
Whether it\'s in town or outside.
Real estate prices are unlikely to fall in the short term.
Fundamentals of the US economyK.
The real estate market still looks pretty strong. -
Low interest rates and stable rates, attractive mortgage deals, and high jobs.
But most importantly, the market itself is a rule, the demand is global, the slow sales does not mean that the industry is sluggish.
\"Due to the small number of buyers in the market, a property over £ 10 million may take several years to sell,\" said Jonathan Hewlett, Savills real estate agent . \".
\"Customers must allow at least two years to sell their property. \"In the U. S.
The most expensive house does not necessarily sell faster.
Burn, 25-
Akah Manor is in the summer resort of Hampton, stranded in the market for a few years asking for $50 million to buy $45 million previously recorded in January 20.
In central London, over 20 homes have been sold for £ 10 million or more over the past year, representing an excellent investment for some time.
Many people have appreciated sharply, and prices will only decline under extreme economic conditions ---
For example, early 1990.
\"However, a house with 20 million pounds --
Adding the price tag, but the lack of features, will be difficult to sell, \"said Noel Flint of the Leifang real estate agency.
\"The house in good condition will be checked in soon.
\"In addition to living in a house in Surrey, the central area of London dominates the real estate market in the UK.
Belgravia, Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea are the best addresses for properties in size and millions of pounds
Dollar price tag.
The Champions League in the suburbs of Hampstead in north London is quietly starting.
With calls from domestic and growing international elites for its green leaf space, rustic atmosphere, good private schools, and attractions close to London\'s green lungs ---Hampstead Heath
The three properties on the list are nearby. 0. 7 million ($124 million)
The most expensive house in America. K. --
In this world-
Although there is debate as to whether it is qualified because it is a property that contains many properties.
As a single entity,$88. 5 million)
Topurak tower in Hampstead may be at the top of the list.
A property of 129-
Park Lane 130, Mayfair, is 32 million on the market ($56. 6 million)
Wetherell estate agent
It was decided that this should not continue as it was also sold separately as three apartments and two apartments.
The average price of the property on the list is more than 140 times the average house price.
Prices for England and Wales.
The average cost of a house is 195,000 ($345,000)
According to US media reportsK.
Nearly £ 250,000 ($442,000)in London.
According to the Halifax Construction Association, properties across the United StatesK.
Prices rose 5% in 2005.
The consensus is that in 2006
The end bracket will rise between 5% and 10%.
\"The market is very good and there is a serious shortage of real estate.
But some houses for sale need to be repaired or overpriced, \"said Gary hemsham of Beauchamp Manor.
In the United States, many properties are regularly sold for more than 10 millionK.
At the release time of this story, the top ten lists are in the book. -
This list represents only timely snapshots.
Changes are expected, property will be sold, new property will be listed, private property
Property that is not sold will be made public.
Suggestions for buying the London real estate market, more than the rest of the United StatesK.
It\'s a tight name.
In Mayfair, for example, there are only a few large properties, and there are very few in the market.
** Buyers will pay extra for elite addresses such as Eaton Square in Belgravia and Upper Brook Street in Mayfair.
** In an extremely rich world, the value of a unique house will depend on how much the millionaire wants, not the actual value of the property.
Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge attract overseas buyers for their elite status and historical significance.
* Other London neighborhoods such as Kensington, Knightsbridge, Dutch Park and parts of Notting Hill are also super magnetsrich.
* The highest-priced properties outside London are usually located in their hometowns, especially Berkshire and Surrey, as they are very close to central London, conveniently located and close to Heathrow Airport.
* Not all properties are available on the open market.
Some cautious people want a quiet sale outside the public eye.
They want their property to be placed instead of advertising.
Keep in regular contact with agents to find out what is available and keep in mind that some properties will be available at the right contact details and at the right price.
* The property in central London has the problem of housing \"Trinity ---
Home with space, garden and garage.
** Some elite residences are not free in London, which means you do not own the land where your property is located.
Instead, they are leasing rights.
The lease may vary between 1 and 999.
When the term expires, the property will be returned to the owner of the land with a permanent property right.
All properties are frozen in the list unless specified.
** If the property looks a lot cheaper than expected, this usually means that the rental time is limited.
* Don\'t expect discounts.
The spirit of the agent: there is always an individual for this kind of money.
\"We put it on the market at a fixed price until it sells, usually that way,\" said Abrahamsohn . \".
** England and Wales have a very comprehensive record of land ownership online. Checkout www. landreg. gov. uk.
** Be prepared to wait for the right property to appear, and when it does, compromise in some respects may be inevitable.
Make sure you get advice, probably a service to buy an agent.
** You may have to move very quickly when the right house appears.
** Reflects what major buyers are doing now in the market: \"There is a huge influx of Russians and Chinese.
They are looking for a reasonable price, not a property that is overpriced and good quality, \"Hemal said.
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