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more kids swallowing powerful magnets, experts say

by:Newland     2020-02-26
The damage caused by swallowing magnets is an increasingly serious problem for children and may lead to potential life --
The researchers say complications are threatened.
In the 2012 survey of pediatric gastrologists in North America, doctors reported 480 cases of magnet intake in children treated over the past 10 years;
About 42% of these cases have occurred in the past 12 months. Related: 3-year-
The old tear hole in the stomach after swallowing 37 magnets [sidebar]
The information from the Canadian public health agency also shows that the number of times the country\'s emergency department has received Magnet intake has increased significantly over the past decade, according to researchers at the hospital of sick children (SickKids)in Toronto.
This growth seems to be related to an increase in supply of powerful magnets known as nd-iron-
Boron magnets 10 to 20 times stronger than old magnets are called ferrite magnets.
In the past, children who swallowed ferrite body magnets often passed through foreign bodies without injury.
However, the researchers say that children who swallow newer, more powerful magnets are at risk of more serious injury because magnets can adhere to each other as they travel through the intestines.
\"Swallowing a single nd magnet usually does not cause damage, but\" multiple magnets, especially when swallowing at different times, can attract each other through the loop of the intestinal tract, \"said the researchers . \"
Daniel Rosenfeld of the sick child
The attraction can dig a hole in the gut, says Rosenfeld.
Rosenfeld and his colleagues described a 3-in addition to reviewing evidence of increased magnet damage-year-
A child in their hospital swallowed three small spherical magnets.
Because the child initially looked good and had no pain, he was sent home.
His parents were told to pay attention to the magnet passing through his stool.
Two days later, however, the boy still did not pass the magnet.
During the operation, the surgeon found them stuck together through the loop of the lower intestine, the researchers said. High-
Electric ball magnet
Toys sold to adults as desk toys-
In the past, this was also a cause of injuries to children.
Last year, the US governmentS.
The consumer goods safety board has asked manufacturers of these products, including those of table toys Buckyballs, to stop selling them because they pose a risk of injury to children and adolescents.
Croquet, stop last October.
The researchers said that since warning labels are not enough to prevent injuries, doctors should discuss the risk of magnet injuries with the parents of young children.
The study was published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association in March 11.
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