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Mobile phone near the magnet will be bad? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Mobile phone near the magnet will be bad? As many machine friends think a magnet can destroy the digital equipment, but also because before the old electronic equipment such as CRT monitors and easily affected by the magnetic field of the television, when these devices to meet with powerful magnets, images may be deformation, but now televisions and monitors have been less susceptible to this. So the magnet affect mobile phones? According to our experimental results magnet does affect mobile phones, but must be very strong magnetic will have an impact on the partial function of mobile phone. The phone itself has internal magnet to implement some functions, such as wireless charging, will be affected by the strong magnet. In addition, a mobile phone inside sensors, such as digital compass, also will be affected by the magnet display error. For small magnetic magnet ( Such as mobile phone holster on small magnets, magnetic phone support, etc. ) Is generally does not affect the mobile phone function. Brands such as samsung, apple, millet official launch of the holster is dormant with magnet set, buckle holster black screen, open the holster, screen brighter. Mobile phone manufacturer and after the experiment proved that magnetic small magnet has no impact on the circuit board GSM signals and GPS navigation.
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