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mixing computers with magnets - a bad idea?

by:Newland     2019-08-31
You like your new laptop and you may get what you want.
Of course, you want to know how to protect your data at all costs.
Maybe you \'ve heard that computers and magnets don\'t mix together.
It all boils down to the strength of the magnetic force acting on the hard drive (HDD).
In fact, an important part of modern hard drives is magnets.
But if we talk about powerful magnets, like magnets that you can find at airport metal detectors or science labs, it\'s better to keep a good distance between them and your computer.
As we all know, even a large bare speaker magnet will clear the data in the old hard disk model outside of recovery;
Or at least corrupt some of its departments.
To understand why you don\'t want a powerful magnet near your hard drive, let\'s see how the data is stored on the drive.
Hard disk drive storage data (
Binary numbers;
Series of 1s and 0 s)
By changing the orientation of the atoms of the magnetic element.
It uses a small magnet to complete the task.
So, if the powerful magnetic force, especially the one from the magnet, is close enough to the hard drive, it will undeniably disrupt the direction of the atoms inside your hard drive, and therefore, in addition to recovery, it also destroys data in it.
Strong magnets can also cause physical damage to the hardware itself.
Do not put your laptop into a metal detector for safety reasons.
However, you can submit your laptop to X-
They don\'t hurt your computer or hard drive.
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