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Micro precision magnet is what? Precision magnet simple introduction! _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Precision magnet is what? Magnet precision machining? What do you mean these? Ndfeb magnet production precision manufacturer small make up a brief introduction to solve these problems. Precision magnet, first of all, the precision is easy to understand the word, delicate and precise, like mobile phones, computer component is very complicated. The more delicate, more strict requirements of natural magnets, it is not belong to any manufacturer can be made through processing. Magnet precision machining: it USES high precision magnetic materials processing equipment to production and processing, finally control precision. Instrument precision magnet how to choose? Dimensional accuracy: mass production, because more technology and equipment, the magnet also use a smaller size of the scale of production, easy to adapt to a variety of products, also won't affect the appearance of the environment, complete product. Good material: select brand N40 above magnetic materials to processing. Ndfeb general choice, because it is much better than the other of the magnetic properties of magnetic products, magnetic products of the same specifications several times, several times or even hundreds. Resistance is also good, not only in all kinds of acid-base sewers, and no corrosion in the live material such as sweat, will not appear in the extreme environment demagnetization or demagnetization phenomenon. Surface treatment: galvanized, nickel plating, p-xylene, gold and so on material surface treatment can also ensure that magnets can correspond with the environment. Let the magnet in the general situation of environment not happen deformation due to corrosion. And beautiful appearance, and there are a variety of color, to meet the modern appearance of the product. Reasonable price: need to improve production line, can better avoid any unnecessary costs in the process of production, sales and production bundled together, can be very good save dealer spreads, with real factory price on market quality products to evaluate any of the same type magnet. Powerful manufacturers of ndfeb permanent magnet network, combined with modern technology workers jet mill machinery automation, high vacuum sintering furnace, melting furnace or similar experience. Quality, stable supply professional logistics company cooperation and truck combined with various companies mechanical production cycle. Article released by ndfeb small plait finishing, the company is good at production of high performance neodymium magnets, permanent magnet ferrite magnets, samarium cobalt magnet. , specification, size, brand and so on all can be customized according to customer demand, the request precision magnet, welcome itu!
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