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mesoscopic bar magnet based on ε-fe 2 o 3 hard ferrite

by:Newland     2020-02-20
Ferrite body magnets have a long history.
For motor, magnetic liquid, drug delivery system, etc.
This article reports a great-based-shaped ε-
Fe2o with large forced field (>25u2009kOe). The ε-
The Fe2O3-based Rod magnet is a single crystal with a single magnetic domain along the longitudinal direction.
The spectral study of the wide frequency range shows that the crystal-axis of ε-
The fe2o corresponding to the longitudinal direction of the rod magnet plays an important role in linear and nonlinearlinear magneto-
Optical Transition, acoustic mode and magnetic non (Kittel mode).
Because of its multi-iron properties, magnetic-responsive non-
Linear optical film is the use of e-
Fe2O3-based bar magnets, resin, and polybendiester.
In addition, from the point of view of the properties of the large forced field, we prove that-
The magnet of the Fe-2 rod can be used as a magnetic microscope probe. Reverse-
A solution containing iron (III)
Nitrate and ba (II)
Mix aqueous nitrate solution with reverse
Glue group solution containing sodium hydroxide.
Then add n-Si siacetate and stir to form a silica matrix.
The precursor obtained by sintering in air at 980 or 1025 °c.
According to the improved technology of our previous method, the silicon substrate is etched.
Details are described in.
Get SEM and TEM images using jeol jsm-
It is building and jeol jem 2000 ex, respectively.
The Rigaku Ultima IV and Rigaku SmartLab were determined by X-ray diffraction spectrum.
AFM and MFM measurements are carried out by Hitachi
Technical Science afm5000 ii/AFM5300E MFM.
For the Faraday effect and the Far-
Infrared Measurement of jasco e-250 magneto-
Optical instruments and JASCO 6100 spectrometer were used respectively.
Magnetic measurements were performed using a quantum-designed mpms squid magnetic meter.
Impedance measurement using the Agilent 4294A precision impedance analyzer.
Iron body performance was measured using TF analyzer 1000, aixACCT electrode lag meter. The magneto-
Optical Transition of e-
FeO is calculated by the simulation software package from the ground up in Vienna.
Magnetic spin processing-Polarization model.
Briyuan district and 7 × 5-
A grid with a width of 0 and a first-order Gaussian smear. 1u2009eV. The magneto-
Optical Transition probability of upper-spin and down-
The spin is obtained from the calculated optical matrix element, while the sum is calculated using a Gaussian waveformspinu2009→u2009up-
Spin transition and bottom-spinu2009→u2009down-
Spin transition.
In the MedeA package of material design, the acoustic mode is calculated by acoustic code.
Atom position of e-
Optimization of FeO with energy cut-off of 400 u2009 eV and 3 u2009 × 3 u2009 × 3-
Until the 10 ev pm force tolerance is met.
Calculated by the optimized structure-
FeO, the phonons code month implemented by the Direct determination method-
Pm displacement using optimized structure.
Charge polarization diagram in E-Cell
FeO is obtained by calculating the shielding Cullen mixed function of hse06.
The distribution of positive and negative charges is calculated by the difference between the E-charge distribution
The charge of FeO and Fe and O atoms.
Resonance of middle-scale ε-
FeO bar due to Kittel
The mode magnetic resistance of the millimeter wave region is measured by the time of the Hertz
Domain spectrum.
A Hertz pulse wave is generated using the mode
Locking Ti as a source: Sapphire pulse laser and bipolar lowtemperature-
As the growth of the emitter, the AAS optical tube antenna.
Detecting transmitted Hertz electric field with bow tie low leveltemperature-
A grown-up AAS optical tube antenna that uses a pump to record as a time waveform in a time domain with variable time delayprobe system. Kittel-
Considering the multiple reflections inside the sample, the pattern magnon spectrum is analyzed.
Absorption by Magnon ()
Description: where, and is the thickness, relative magnetic flux and relative dielectric constant of e-
The samples of FeO particles are imaginary units and light speed units respectively.
This is a function of frequency ()
Is from langdao-
Describe the Lifshitz equation for the magnetic field movement of the magnetic field of the magnet;
Where the resonance frequency is the maximum, and the Delta is the full width at half the peak.
Because the sample is magnetized along the magnetic easy axis-
Magnetic space group of Axis, e-directional filmFeO is .
In this case
The zero tensor element is, and, among them, and represents e-FeO.
When is the angle from the horizontal direction, that is, the angle of the analyzer, the polarization of the output SH light (())
Iswhere, is the coordinate of the measurement system, is-axis (or -axis)of the ε-
The mid-scale rod of FeO and-axis (or -axis)
The phase of the optical coordinate is the phase offset caused by light propagation, which is the phase offset between the magnetic term and the crystal term. Thus, ()
Described as integration ()
About 0 to 2 π ,()
In a sample with a random direction in a plane, it is expressed as proportional to sin.
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