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Measure the relevant details of the magnetic you have understand

by:Newland     2020-04-27
Remanence Br, it refers to the green jersey magnet products under the saturation state in addition to the magnetic field itself, how much is the rest of the magnetic flux density, it is the unit of gauss, refers to the magnet in the process of using magnetic field strength of the attack from the outside size, different types of magnet remanence Br powerful magnet company is not the same. Now, in general, the produce of the process can produce precise control of all kinds of magnets arrived at remanence Br value specified in the purchase of the time the user can directly by testing instrument to test the product. Coercive force Hc standard, it refers to put the magnet products in a magnetic field and the conditions of itself exactly the opposite, when the reverse effect of the magnetic field strength increases to must degree, the original product itself magnet magnetic disappeared. Powerful magnet magnet products against the size of the reverse magnetic field force, is the magnet coercive force Hc, it is the unit of oersteds, represents the size of the magnet itself resistance to demagnetization talents, it attaches great importance in the process of magnet manufacturer to produce, it represents the service life of the product. Magnetic energy product BHmax, it indicated the magnet in the rules of unit volume products can attack the magnetic field of talent, is a measure of the magnet magnetic magnet company function is a very important standard, represents how much savings of magnetic talents by the product itself. Previous page: custom sink hole shape magnet standards and requirements of the next page: want to know how the magnet is processed
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