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Matters that should pay attention to use the magnet magnet manufacturer

by:Newland     2020-03-26
In matters that should pay attention to use the magnet magnet manufacturer should first make the working environment clean and tidy, prevent damage of like little iron impurities adsorption on the surface of the magnet surface of magnets, affect the normal work. Should be placed in ventilated, dry place, if is the place of acid, alkali, high temperature or moisture, the surface of the magnet is easy corrosion rust, magnet is easy demagnetization degaussing. If no plating processing, besmear antirust 溙 when placed, so all the magnet manufacturer will suggest their customers when buying magnets must appearance coating processing. Magnet should be far away from the disk, magnetic card, computer, display and other sensitive to magnetic field of the object, if there is a device with cardiac pacing in patients with magnetic electronic medical apparatus and instruments is to stay away from, or are in danger of life. Hard brittle magnet material, used in transportation, should take put down gently, not affected by the impact, otherwise the magnet itself is very easy to broken split. If it is filling the magnetic magnet, air transport must be completely blocked. Especially ndfeb magnet, its magnetic is very strong, the suction can reach more than 600 times their own weight and avoid magnet manufacturers operating hand or other parts of the body by the magnet clips, for larger size magnets more should pay attention to the personal safety and protection.
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