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Massager the influence of the performance of motor magnetic tile _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Magnetic tile price decision quality, quality affect the performance of good or bad, is a part of a ring, if blindly pursue cheap, may eventually lead to performance is not stable, but the loss is bigger. Share a real customer cases, under the customer name is not to say, before the customer is doing the electric toothbrush, cooperation so many times before, from which she might go out for a price, may be because the prices higher than other home slightly expensive, and then select the other home, suddenly behind was back to us, we said another magnet is not stable, can not open. So, there are good reasons why the price is high, we also uphold the don't have to waste material, don't make black-money principles! The massager motor magnetic tile performance good or bad to effect big? Massager motor magnetic tile will also directly affect the quality of its performance, therefore, the motor must choose high quality massager motor magnetic tile. The massager motor magnetic tile performance to what effect? Massager motor magnetic tile in the influence of the performance of motor magnetic tile: ( 1) The rest of the high magnetic induction intensity Br. Because of the high Br can ensure that the motor has a high speed, large output torque and power. Motor will have higher efficiency. ( 2) High Hcb. Because of the high Hcb, can ensure that the motor output required electromotive force, make the motor working point close to the maximum magnetic energy product, the ability to make full use of the magnet. ( 3) High Hcj. Hcj have stronger resistance to overload can ensure high motor demagnetization and anti-aging, the ability of resistance to low temperature. ( 4) High ( BH) 上限。 ( BH) The higher the Max, said permanent magnetic ferrite in the operation of the motor in the actual work coefficient, the better. ( 5) Magnetic energy & Phi; The bigger the better, this will greatly improve the work efficiency of the machine. ( 6) Demagnetization curve of the rectangular degree, the better, the less dynamic loss of the motor. Massager motor magnetic tile on the quality and efficiency has a direct impact, is the foundation and guarantee to normal efficient operation of machine. To the motor function, must have high quality massager motor magnetic tile. The body of this and let's the same reason: only the parts of the body function complete sound, the entire body to health.
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