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March is the golden period of sales magnet?

by:Newland     2020-03-24
Today's topic is: march is the golden period of sales magnet? What do you think? Small make up think not entirely, as for whether sales magnet gold period in March, this is all according to the operation of each company, if a magnet company produce magnets, not only the quality guaranteed, even the price has advantage than counterparts, so the company must to night is a year sales of gold, or the product has a certain voice. On the other hand, if a company constantly improve the magnet sales price, pricing to the customer, so I'm sure, the company almost don't have much to do. Now is the age of the Internet, the price of the magnet is very transparent, don't have luck to procurement staff, even if you make a list, and would not last for long, the guest's guest is also in demand, one day he will find a more suitable supplier, than you and you replace. Match the graph is automatic door magnet, bonded ndfeb material. A lot of people say, why always to be a little higher than the time sales in March, I can tell you, is just opened in March is not long, a lot of customers will have basic magnet too much inventory. Because before the Spring Festival last year, you are almost always take enough, do have the Spring Festival holiday, so in March, gradually returned to normal production, so the magnet purchase demand, will increase, the guest more cases, every guest must, so naturally is the golden period of sales magnet in March. Ricky magnet factory in magnet price we card has special nuclear price, received a lot of clients say your price is expensive, I believe, is lower than our price also has a magnet, there are a lot of, but there are higher than our magnet price is the same. We belong to high-end products in the production of magnet, some colleagues selling price is low, there is a reason for certain, reduction process, reduce the raw material, service not attentive, wrong excuse, it's called jerry, is higher than our price, quality, also has raised the magnet price for sale, so you can accept the price range. The editorial network department by Ricky magnet card manufacturers, see more magnet industry news: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/news/news_5_1。 html
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