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Manufacturer to tell you that the magnet is harmful to human body

by:Newland     2020-04-25
Magnet magnetic field of the injury: let's know the magnet magnetic field has functions of promoting blood circulation to the human body, temporarily haven't materials indicate the magnet magnetic field on the human body has a direct damage, so you don't have to concern about the magnet magnetic field has gone. Of magnetic field on the human body have damage, depends on the strength of the magnetic field tests, in general, 3000 gauss ( Magnetic field units) The following magnets, no harm to human body, beyond the more than 3000 magnetic field strength magnets, have damage to the human body. Magnet while harmful to human body but can ignore someone afraid of magnetic field affect the body, but according to the test, magnetic field effects on people is only one 5 of the television. Magnet direct damage to the human body: although the magnet magnetic field on the human body without injury, but directly touch the magnet itself may have direct several damage to man, magnet task caused by suction may directly, it especially ndfeb strong magnet and large magnet task of damage to human body more. Magnets by mouth to enter the body of the damage is more serious, there might be hurt life, as a result of the magnet itself with magnetism, mutual absorption in the body can form in vivo intestinal perforation, cause bleeding, after situation endangers life, sedate magnets directly for the children to play, please. Previous page: bring about strong ndfeb magnetic industry development status. 。 。 The next page: anticorrosive points on the ndfeb strong magnet
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