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Manufacturer of ndfeb magnet production technology introduced a key process

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Sintered ndfeb magnet manufacturer link up the whole production process consists of a series of processes, each working procedure is very important, procedure, if appear problem, can have very serious impact on product. Below we will introduce some of the key working procedure in the production process is simple, and understanding of the whole production process further. In order to avoid duplication, we will introduce all process of sintering process, other process when we have the same working procedure, is no longer is introduced. ( 1) Sintered ndfeb magnet manufacturers production technology introduced in each process (1) ingredients and mix the first select the desired metal material, according to design good matching to calculate all kinds of raw materials needed for the quality, then to weigh, pretreatment of the metal material should be taken before weighing, in order to remove the oxide and other pollution, and try to ensure the purity of raw materials. After weighing proper crushing processing, place several raw materials mixing together, for subsequent processing. (2) smelting smelting is the purpose of the pure metal material melt, and make sure the liquid alloy 'clean, accurate, both,'. 'Qing' refers to the metal material with so rongqing, some high melting point metal, should try to make them completely rongqing. 'Quasi' is to ensure that the design of alloy composition, with accurate composition. Components are not allowed to be caused because of the volatilization of metal and the oxidation loss, therefore generally adopts the vacuum induction furnace melting, vacuum degree, with up to 10 - 2 ~ 10 - More than 3 Pa. 'All' means ingredients evenly. Two commonly used for this. About 5 kHz medium frequency induction furnace smelting, its strong electromagnetic stirring. After being burden rongqing, stir with high power for a period of time, to ensure uniform composition. 'Net' is to ensure that the liquid alloy clean, prevent the inclusion and gas pollution. Main sources of inclusions is the pollution caused by furnace charge itself and reaction of crucible. Melting of alloy basically has two kinds of state: one kind is ingot casting, another kind is left with. Common is used in the production process is left with, behind such the broken of hydrogen will be easier.
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