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malaysia: missing jet probe \"criminal\"

by:Newland     2019-10-10
CNN aviation reporter Richard Quest and retired Royal Air Force lieutenantCol.
Michael Kay discussed the criminal investigation of the search for Flight 370.
I was curious about the fact that the anchorwoman quickly gave up and wanted to debate the idea of a criminal investigation.
She added that there was a lack of evidence and my comments were directed at that.
Any missing persons (s)or death (
In this case, the crew and passengers of the aircraft are considered dead)
Then there is automatic investigation.
Call it a crime, and the key, in any case, is that sometimes there is little evidence or instruction.
Through a comprehensive survey, look for clues, find answers, and stick to the whole survey, the answer or evidence begins to appear.
I am a little unhappy and it seems that knowledgeable people will boldly say \"there is no evidence, so why would the world call it a criminal investigation \"?
Put yourself in the position of the family and other people who remain to seek questions.
If there is a foul involved and there may be a significant impact, do you not want the law enforcement to investigate this and conduct a criminal investigation?
I don\'t know how other countries outside the United States deal with death investigations, but before determining the way and cause of death, death is a killing Act.
This is a criminal investigation in itself.
It always amazes me how the media distort topics, ideas, and/or stories to fit their own agenda rather than stating the truth rather than their own opinions.
Maybe the plane was empty when it crashed.
The passengers jumped up when they knew what was wrong.
Is it not worth tracking the flight path to see if there are survivors at sea?
The ships involved in the search are now 600 miles north of the search area, traveling north along the opposite direction of the assumed flight route.
Including the shield of the sea, HMAS Toowoomba and HMASSuccess.
I have never done such a thing before, I am a 53 year old woman living in Canada.
For most of my marriage, I lived at a military base in Canada.
After hearing an interview with Brooke about a military officer who was sent to hudderburg, the military said the base was like a \"black hole \".
The women said in this interview about everything the public heard and what difficulties they would encounter as members of the armed forces after deployment. . . . . . it true.
My experience of staying at an active deployment base is very different from what the \"public\" heard and thought.
You can\'t ask for help without being labeled negative.
Suicide is a common occurrence. . . . .
The upper level has no daily grasp of the difficulties experienced by members.
My experience is that what this woman says is exactly the same as what my husband has been living with for more than 10 years.
Finding help with post-traumatic stress disorder is a bad label in your career, which allows members to take a detour when seeking help.
Absolutely, everything the woman said in the interview was more than just my experience with the Canadian military, and I would like to thank her for being so brave in telling the truth.
Things like this have to change, otherwise all deployment bases will always have problems. . . . . .
So far, it is sad that \"generals\" etc have been out of the loop. . . . . . .
Hopefully things will change, but after dealing with the military base for 20 years, it seems that nothing will change.
Thank you for your honor, maybe the plane didn\'t turn at all.
I agree with some that we should consider a point at which the aircraft was last launched.
As some have said, we are looking in the wrong ocean.
About opening the radar.
It looks like a sharp turn.
Never seen such a thing before.
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Comqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqi read an article written by the pilot and tend to believe it.
He said there could be a fire on board and after realizing that, he unplugged the fuse on the electronic transponder and so on to isolate the bad circuit.
He turned the plane to the nearest airport where 777 people could land.
The crew could be swallowed up by smoke from the fire, and the plane continued to drive automatically until the fuel ran out.
This scene explains everything except what the plane is now.
The writer says it\'s no use seeing anywhere except the path along the left hand to the nearest airport.
To find the missing jetliner 370, the search team should drag many oversized nd magnets in the ocean.
I think the amount of insurance for Malaysia Airlines is about a billion dollars.
And it is absolutely possible to pay 370 of all costs to search and investigate the missing passenger plane.
If we want a safe future as consumers using commercial air travel,
We have to look at the insurance company and force all airlines to use (install)
Any and all Technologies (
Tracker and camera with audio, WI-
Entire FI, etc)
On their planes now and in the future . . . . . . And Boeing (etc. )
Without these technologies included in their overall product, no aircraft should be sold to any consumer.
Airlines cannot continue to rely on \"cheap and greedy\" Logistics to put consumers at risk of injury.
I believe it\'s landed somewhere.
Some type of debris should have been discovered by now.
I think this issue is currently being studied. Unsure if we (US)
Or other counties (not involved)
Have the right to spy.
Your report on Flight 370 focused on the wrong place.
The key aspect of this survey, which deserves more attention, is that no one has disclosed the data they used to determine the \"highest probability area\" of flight descent.
Think You Are \"authority\" and the fact is you don\'t know where the plane is.
You have family members of the victims, their country, their lawyers, etc.
Frustrated and disappointed with the handling of the investigation, if not angry.
Therefore, this situation is considered purely from the perspective of public relations.
If you realize that you can\'t search the entire Indian Ocean, why not define a \"region with the highest probability\" so that you can have a search area, you can search in a way that the family and the like think you \'ve done a \"thorough\" search, at least in this area that you \'ve defined.
So when you can\'t find it, you can say \"we did our best \".
\"Now, in the case of this assumption, consider another option: to be honest;
This is to confirm that they do not have data that will allow them to have any level of confidence in where the plan might be, so, it will be stupid and a waste of resources (
Similar to \"wild goose chase\" or \"shooting in the dark \")
Do any search.
But the latter will be such a PR (
May be legal)
The authorities have no choice but to give the illusion that they know where the plane should be.
They can\'t make the area smaller because it shows they have specific data about the location of the aircraft but they don\'t, but they can\'t make the area too big because obviously they don\'t have a clue, never find a plane.
This reminds me of the scene in the movie \"a few good people,\" said Jack Nicholson: \"You can\'t handle the truth!
\"It seems to me that this is the case where we have the highest real possibilities here.
I remember seeing an interview with a retired general Leiutenant who didn\'t necessarily believe it crashed.
What if, instead, the plane was taken to a secret place and then hidden.
And then after a while
Carrying bombs and other mechanized attacks on another country.
Considering they don\'t have a trace of the plane anywhere, I think it\'s interesting.
He also mentioned that it may be hidden in Pakistan where bin Laden is hiding.
After that, Israell was highly allergic and is said to be the same in the United States.
Why if it just crashed?
Very interesting theory. . .
It is too unfair to offer condolences and blessings to all families who may never know what has happened to their loved ones. . . . . .
Special interview with the Iranian mother about her son\'s use of a fake passport.
As a retired airline employee, I have a strong reaction to the lack of screening --
Safety Process for MH 370.
A few years ago, our company lost a flight due to a mechanical failure.
Whatever the cause of this tragedy is, or there is no reason, it is still a secondary cause of loss of life.
I broke my heart for this woman and she may never know what happened to her son when he died.
I pray for all those involved.
Indonesian investigators are playing cards near the vest.
They don\'t want to post this information.
If they don\'t tell us anything, then the information to file a lawsuit against Malaysia Airlines will not be available, so no one can file a lawsuit.
No wonder they want to hide everything. Just a thought.
But my favorite theory is that they came all the way to Antarctica where they are now eating grilled penguins.
At least the millions they spend will help clean up the Indian Ocean.
Need to change the name of CNN to plane, plane.
I turn on CNN to get some news or weather, it\'s all about the plane.
I have never seen such a thing in my life.
Why is the search team not building the \"mobile tower\" on their ship and trying to find the missing flight 370 using the passenger\'s mobile phone GPS coordinates.
These phones must have enough battery life because they have not been used since March 8.
. . . . . . I have to repeat my previous comment: to find the missing Flight 370, the search team should drag many oversized nd magnets in the ocean (
Or other types of heavy commercial magnets).
A very large powerful magnet can attract metal debris and make it easier to pick it up from the bottom of the Sea compared to other excavation procedures.
Can someone ask?
Aviation experts if Flight 370 crashed could have been caused by \"very wrong or God forbid very right\" military experiments. . . . .
When the transponder is turned off, it seems impossible for a plane of this size to be detected by some military radar in any area or below the radar it flies over, and why is air traffic control not questioning?
Also, do they know who should be in the area when other aircraft fly?
If a fire or explosion is seen, it will be reported.
Finally, where is the jir related to the search area?
The reason I watched CNN was Richard quays and Michael Kay.
Although I enjoyed the excessive coverage of the disappearance of Flt MH370, I am now wondering why Michael Kay of the former British force retired, saying that when Lt Col was the rank of the British Army, he is the former Lt Col of the Royal Air Force.
Anyone who can check the rank system of British officers should know this.
Am I the only one who thinks the facts should be verified before CNN starts reformatting the British Army hierarchy?
At about eight o\'clock A. M. on March 8, Flight 370 landed and crashed into the Indian Ocean.
This is the day.
I don\'t know what the weather was like that hour;
Otherwise, if the weather is good today, the plane may have a soft landing and may be in good condition.
Boeing 777 manual: Recent changes in flight routes, does the pilot know the plane is going to crash and deliberately avoid flying over land to avoid more death and destruction?
In order to keep the investigation away from where the plane really goes, is it possible to have the drone carry a black box?
Are only black boxes and drones under the sea?
Then, since it is difficult for the search team to find floating debris from Flight 370;
They seem to focus their search on the southern part of the Indian Ocean;
The impression of the Indian Ocean is thatclockwise;
I hope the search team looks like two-hundred to one-
Thousands of miles north.
The east side of the black box is where ping is found.
Shine your own body from JUA. THE COLMM.
Listen to the case of the Latin American PROTULONIO division.
The last level of 51 is. HUMAN STUDIES.
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Comqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqit will find the location of the missing aircraft and members through the vibration from bramerch.
I request some family or relatives who know of any one of the passengers on the missing plane, if contact me via email via the Internet
Send mail by vibrating his/her voice, I will try to contact by vibrating (bramhic).
My mailbox is jagan _ nadham2000 @ yahoocomDr. Jagannadham.
Most people have mobile phones.
Why is it that no one on flight370 is able to communicate what happened to loved ones?
\"Is it possible to have the drone carry a black box in order to steer the investigation away from where the plane actually went?
Are only black boxes and drones under the sea?
\"I have a similar idea, or just a boat dropping a few black boxes from the ship, or a tone generator to copy the same ping.
Why don\'t they put a pinger locator on the sub and go to hell there? (
Unless they do, of course)Rediculous.
I know it\'s deep, but are they not installing submarines to manipulate their own technology (autopilot)
To the source?
If not, they will be after this. . . . .
Mr. Kay is a retired Royal Air Force (RAF)\"Lt. Col\" . . . . Bull.
The Royal Air Force has no such rank.
Mr. Shinkai retired after 20 years as squadron captain (
Major, equivalent)
-Although it is well known that he claimed that at the end of his service career at his legal age/level, he was promoted to wing commander by \"selected\" or \"selected (Lieutenant-
Considerable Colonel)rank.
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