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making complex magnets the easy way

by:Newland     2019-09-03
A complex magnet similar to the one used to make a computer disc drive can be done in a flash, with just setting the light to a powder mixture, the cost can reach a fraction of the normal cost.
Traditional methods of making ceramics
Like magnetic materials, it is called ferrites which involves several stages.
The oxide of iron and other elements (such as chromium, ba or sr) must be ground together and cooled after heating.
After repeating the process several times, turn the material into amagnet by placing it in a strong magnetic field. In the one-
A step-by-step process designed by Ivan Parkin and Quentin Pankhurst of the University College of London, the body magnets are made directly from a mixture of metal iron and metal oxides.
This mixture is known as an aluminium heat agent mixture, placed and ignited in a magnetic field.
This started a self.
The propagation produces a reaction of high temperature, forcing the assembly to react and forming a flame magnetized by an external magnetic field.
By carefully controlling the magnetic field they applied to the mixture, the researchers found that they could make a single magnet with different field strengths and polar regions.
Precision magnets like this are used in a variety of applications, including computer disc drives and motors in particle accelerators.
They are usually made by bonding several single magnetic polyols.
Making these complex magnets with aluminium heat agent technology is not only fast, but also cheaper, and works better.
\"The strength of these magnets is much greater than when you glue individual magnets together,\" Pankhurst said . \".
\"Possibilities are endless.
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