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make your own virtual reality headset with google cardboard

by:Newland     2019-11-05
If the DIY answer to the next generation of immersive games and multimedia consumption is announced on the first day of April, then it will be seen as one of Google\'s best pranks so far.
But the project is an actual, not virtual, and while companies like Oculus VR are consuming the money to design headphones and work with Samsung to get the best lightweight product, currently, google has been replacing high-definition OLED displays with scissors, elastic bands and magnets.
As a result, even though Oculus Rift is still under development, the Cardboard is ready and even has a range of applications.
On Wednesday, Sundar Pichai, senior vice president for Android, officially announced at the Google I/O developer conference that the headset was built by yourself ---
From cardboard--
It replaces fancy OLED screens with your existing Android phone.
However, things are not that simple.
In addition to downloading the design template, there is also a list of items including two lenses with a focal length of 40mm;
A nd ring magnet and a ceramic disk magnet; some Velcro;
NFC tags and Android smartphones that support NFC.
All of this except the cardboard itself.
Once the headset is built, install the Cardboard app on the phone, click on the phone on the NFC tab and plug it into the headset.
You can then watch YouTube videos, make a virtual tour in Paris, or immerse yourself in interactive stories about hats.
Well, it doesn\'t sound like Sony\'s Morpheus project, and of course it\'s not as exciting as Oculus Rift promised earlier, but that doesn\'t mean.
Instead, the purpose of cardboard is to make virtual reality accessible to as many consumers and developers as possible.
As explained by the project\'s home page: \"virtual reality has made exciting progress over the past few years.
However, the development of virtual reality still requires expensive dedicated hardware.
A group of VR enthusiasts at Google are thinking about how to make virtual reality available to more people who try to drive the VR experience with their smartphones.
\"Therefore, cardboard should eliminate these problems by simplifying coding and the resulting applications and features that may appeal to anyone with a smartphone, some cardboard and a pair of scissors in your hand.
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