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make your own advent calendar: cookie sheet calendar ideas

by:Newland     2019-10-09
In the past 150, the advent calendar has been an integral part of Christmas preparations for many families around the world.
There are many coming calendars available for sale this year, but you and your family may enjoy making their own.
If you take the time to browse through the Christmas crafts, it is likely that you have seen the cookie sheet calendar.
There are many customization options, which is a simple and interesting idea. Happy crafting!
Please note that the photos I have included in the cookie sheet calendar and the tutorial links I have included are for personal use only.
If you intend to sell your calendar, do not explicitly copy these ideas unless you are licensed. Thank you!
The advent calendar history the advent calendar begins in Germany, and at the beginning of the 19 th century we adopted many Christmas traditions in Germany.
They become more and more popular every year.
There are many changes to the advent calendar throughout history, including drawing chalk lines to mark dates, lighting candles, and posting small religious images.
Later, the modern concept of opening the door with snacks such as chocolate or toys came into being.
Today, the advent calendar has a variety of themes, including sacred and secular themes.
The Germans sold their calendar at the beginning of World War II, when they had to stop due to a shortage of war.
Richard Selmer began production again in 1946.
During his presidency, President Eisenhower was primarily responsible for making advent calendar a tradition in the United States.
With the completion of Christmas Eve, the original advent calendar has 24 days.
The German calendar still sticks to this tradition, but it is not uncommon to find the American calendar that has been completed for 25 days of Christmas. {
Source: History of advent calendar]
The Cookie MaterialsThis advent calendar is a list of basic supplies and I have my Cookie table calendar.
Note that the list of tutorials below may be slightly different.
Please plan accordingly.
A biscuit.
Please do not buy expensive cookies.
I got mine from Wal.
I used 3 packs for $5 or less for a wide variety of craft items.
Many people can also find them in dollar stores. Acrylic (
Also a foam brush)or spray paint.
You can make the painting process as simple or complicated as you like.
Many people choose to spray cookies.
I used acrylic paint because I already had Green on my hands.
Both options work well if you don\'t want to leave your silver sheet.
I also covered my Originally turquoise and magenta screw top cover with red and green paint.
12x12 \"two scrapbooks.
Many people use a piece of paper on the calendar base, and then use another piece of paper on the top and bottom of the calendar to do some detail work.
For my calendar, I cut a piece into 10x10 \"with the desktop cutter of the calendar \".
I use a small rectangle on the second piece of paper as the background of the top \"Merry Christmas\" font and use two different card colors as the wording at the bottom. Mod Podge.
I would suggest a generic piece for The Painted cookie sheet, the top of the decorated screw and the bottom of the last cookie sheet calendar (
Good gloss or matte).
I also chose to apply a layer to my painted screw top, followed by the last decorative screw top. Spray acrylic.
If you use ink
Jet printing materials such as digital and Christmas images, please give them a few layers of acrylic spray before you apply Mod Podge to prevent ink from flowing.
I also gave me the last decorative cookie piece after the last Mod Podge coat and screwed a few acrylic spray coats on it.
This will ensure that your calendar has a long life span and does not have a lot of paint and debris that fall off. 24 (or 25)
Screw top container, decorative magnet, or trinket and/or craft or nd magnet.
I chose to use the spiral top container of the nd magnet glued to the bottom.
Some people just make trinkets with magnets, such as decorative Christmas magnets, or hand magnets that stick to the bottom.
I found the container at the top of the screw in the travel section of Target with travel-sized soap, lotion, etc for about $0. 60 per piece. E-6000 glue.
Many people attach the magnet to a container or trinket at the top of the screw with a hot glue gun.
This is enough for most purposes, but I suggest using E-
6000 if you can, as it may save longer, two sets of hand-made or purchased numbers.
You need the number of a set of cookies and the other set for the top of your screws or trinkets.
Many people use scrapbooks or cricket materials.
I printed an image of the elevator button for my cookies. (
I don\'t have a close-up image of this part of the cookie table, but the picture is here. )
I typed the numbers in different sizes and fonts and the numbers in word form for the top of my screws.
Small jewelry d©Cor of your choice.
One of the most interesting parts of the Cookie sheet calendar is decorating it!
It\'s fun to select additional elements to complete it.
Tip: open it and use the back of the cookie table instead of the front to make the calendar.
Great Cookie table advent calendar creative ResourcesI does not use a single dessert table advent calendar and has been inspired by some tutorials that I have found in the past year.
I encourage you to do the same so that your calendar is perfect for you and your family. Craft-o-Maniac.
Keep it simple with handwritten numbers, and items in the calendar and dollar stores have hand magnets on different days.
Tater Tots and Jello.
Jen has a great list of trinkets used on the calendar.
Craftsman of nap time.
Amy makes magnets for her calendar with glass stone and printed Christmas images.
The craft patch also has great glass calendar magnets. Sharyn Carlson.
Add a small numbered item to the simple background every day.
Theresa McFadyen
This is another big resource for small jewelry creativity.
Of course, I like this calendar with a vintage music background and a matchbox trinket box. Michaels.
Switch it and make a Christmas tree for the calendar instead of the classic calendar box layout. Then She Made.
Use the calendar box boxes created separately for fun. Cricut.
Are you crazy about cricket?
You can use it to make almost all the calendar components on a craftsman.
Select the small Altoid tank instead of using the spiral top container.
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