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Main parameters ferrite magnet and brand data table ( Comprehensive)

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Carefully you will find, summary of brand begins with ferrite magnet material mark is different, their respective brand represents what mean? Brand has no difference in appearance? First N for ndfeb, the second number represents the magnetic energy product, and then the letters on behalf of the coercive force characteristics, such as no ordinary letters N35 representative N35, M is the medium coercive force, H represents high coercive force, etc. The Y in the ferrite magnet material mark is what mean? It is understood that 'Y' is the meaning of 'permanent'. This kind of ferrite permanent magnet ferrite. If is the PCx, PC40, for example, that is soft magnetic ferrite, and high permeability. Main properties of sintered permanent magnetic ferrite magnet type parameter list read the users will also see the article: what are the advantages of ferrite magnet? Use a ferrite or a summary? Permanent magnetic ferrite quantity H, J, and the meaning of B
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