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Magnets used in lamps and lanterns should pay attention to demagnetization lead to fall off

by:Newland     2020-05-03
Magnets used in lamps and lanterns should pay attention to demagnetization can lead to drop the main function of the magnet is adsorption of iron objects if drops lose magnet basic meaning, is a plane flying machine if drop will lose the meaning of aircraft and bring the security hidden danger. The analysis of the causes of magnet drop 1: magnet material internal oxidation ( Magnets caused too many impurities, such as the magnet material recycling of waste without rare earth separation ratio to cause uneven density has enough internal material oxidation, etc. ) 2: the poor light heat dissipation structure cause magnet demagnetization, under high temperature in a lot of companies do the test without actual use environment without considering the use of magnet temperature lead to bad, or a magnet manufacturer dishonest use materials caused by low. 3: the lamp structure through improper installation, or other factors increase the installation personnel for light power led light temperature is too high to make the magnet demagnetization under high temperature. 4: magnet through the high temperature of the magnet injection molding processing lost part of the magnetic force, when test because there are magnetic and were not detected. 5: the magnet material of rust oxide layer expansion, leading to a magnet and the absorption of iron plate distance increases with the magnetic force is not enough and fall off, the occurrence of such problems could be Lan magnet materials and magnet internal oxidation, such as or magnet using the environment contains magnet surface corrosion caused by high corrosion gas, such as toilet, sailing boat chemical factory or lab. ( According to the salt spray test and so on in the industry inspection standard basic can avoid)
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