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Magnets used 5 pay attention to the problem

by:Newland     2020-04-09
1, should try to use the gasket some magnet magnetic is big ( For example, powerful magnets, samarium cobalt magnet, etc. ) To avoid stick together two pieces of magnet. If two magnet fiercely met together, may be dangerous to you, can also lead to two pieces of magnet as broken collision scrap. Use the gasket separates all kinds of accidents. When you want to use the magnet is easy to use. 2, pay attention to the environmental health magnet can absorb all kinds of iron dust, to keep the environmental conditions of use. Once glued to other substances or dust will have adverse effect on product. 3, should be placed in wooden or plastic table if it is iron bench has the potential to cause with magnets and can't pull it out of the situation. 4, iron tools should be far away from the magnet magnet strong absorption of iron, iron tools should be placed in the position of the magnet far, avoid to produce all kinds of accidents. 5, should keep a safe distance between two magnets this article first has said: if the two magnet fiercely met together, may be dangerous to you, may also cause by two magnets collision broken scrapped. Here again is because is, indeed, may be severe consequences. If, after two have been separated for the two magnet, please keep a safe distance. ( Small piece of magnet without this relatively dangerous) In an article: how to measure magnetic level? Next article: how to judge whether a strong magnet quality ok or not?
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