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Magnets have what use is mainly used in what respect? ​

by:Newland     2020-04-30
What's with the magnet? Mainly used in what respect? Knowledge to do some simple introduction about the magnet. Magnets: as far as we know that one of China's four great inventions: the compass, and natural stone with magnetic before, commonly known as the 'magnet' is also called the tool. Magnet production: here I will introduce rare earth ndfeb strong magnet, because the author is engaged in the work of the rare earth ndfeb strong magnet, so have been familiar with rare earth ndfeb strong magnet and other production and processing of magnet also knows a bit, but not on the table, so the author introduced the ndfeb strong magnet, rare earth ndfeb strong magnet main raw materials are: rare earth praseodymium, neodymium and dysprosium, aluminium, pure iron and other rare metals, according to the different adding the proportion of material performance is endless also and same, after high temperature melting furnace smelting ingot, after hydrogen broken into tiny particles like flour, finally after pressure molding machine through high temperature sintering furnace for sintering, becomes what we call the blank ndfeb strong magnet. Ndfeb strong magnet in the subsequent processing: we simply introduced the ndfeb strong magnet in front of the blank forming step, but also not to be able to use the magnet, if you want to make it finished products, need to slice, chamfering, electroplating, the magnetization. Ndfeb strong magnet in the mining of rare earth materials with environmental pollution, irrefragable, now our country mining limit, to cause our magnet price rising. Magnet purpose: the purpose of the magnet is widely, such as we use the electronic products: mobile phone, headset, TV, etc. No less a magnet. Packaging products: such as mobile phone box, moon cake box, tea box, wine box, etc. ; Hardware products: mould, magnetic chuck, machinery, electronic products, accessories and so on;
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