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Magnets have a harm to human body

by:Newland     2020-04-10
For some professional in the production of magnetic magnetic materials workers or the people in the long-term use of magnetic material products have a doubt is long-term exposure to the magnet, in areas of high magnetic field life will not affect their own health. The answer is the magnet will not produce adverse effect to the body, can rest assured the use of magnetic materials. With the rapid development of science and technology, the magnet is also used in magnetic therapy, then what does high-tech magnetic therapy technique for human? The earth itself has a strong magnetic field, so people itself of magnetic gutty adapt even rely on. Cut less stable magnetic field is beneficial for the body, also often used magnetic therapy in medical treatment. Electromagnetic wave is different, it is a kind of high energy wave, the frequency will have bad effect to the body. So the magnet no harm to human body. Magnet bracelet is harmless to the human body does not. With nuclear magnetic in medical equipment, high magnetic field has more than 3 t, no harm to human body. Everyone recognized as, in all medical radiology equipment, mri is the most safe. That is to say, people are not afraid of the magnetic field, the more afraid of radiation. High magnetic field does have certain negative effect to human body, but the magnet bracelet with the magnet content is limited, can't cause what effect to human body. Someone claims that the magnet provides a magnetic of physiological organization, even think that each cell has a positive and negative poles, also some people claim that the magnet can improve blood circulation. In fact, there is no evidence that the human body tissue cells or blood and magnetic field have any interaction, the iron ions in red blood cells, instead of ferromagnetism, or even reverse magnetic, not attracted by the magnetic field, it is well known hot compress can promote the blood circulation, as a result, the skin will turn red, if the magnet can promote blood circulation, why is the skin direct contact with the magnet phenomenon without red? The effect of magnetic therapy is the so-called mental ability, is not very obvious medical effect directly. Magnet bracelet by weak magnetic field lines constantly stimulate the wrist microcirculation system, magnetic field to promote blood circulation, improve human physiology, eliminate fatigue have very weak effect, indeed to sleep to have certain advantages, but is not big. Long-term wearing magnet bracelet does not have any damage to the human body. In an article: how to measure the magnet magnetic height? Next article: know magnet common sense
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