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by:Newland     2020-03-31
Standard magnets by air transportation? A lot of customer consultation with strong magnetic magnet or magnetic components can be air freight. Aiming at this problem, must first clear, show the strong magnets to external environment, whether it will impact on environment of electronic equipment. Can decide whether to air freight. Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers network today to tell you in detail. Due to a weak stray magnetic field on the aircraft's navigation system and the control signal are interference, the international air transport rules ( 国际航空运输协会简称IATA) The magnetic goods listed as class 9 dangerous goods, must limit when collector. So now, for some air cargo with magnetic materials need to be magnetic detection, in order to ensure the normal flight. Magnetic materials, audio materials and other containing magnetic goes on magnetic detection instrument accessories. A, about the air freight is the total condition; With each batch of magnetic material package must, in accordance with the iata dangerous goods regulations chapter 7 of the correct marking, and labeling. Make sure before shipment, from 4 on the surface of the packaging. 6 m ( 15 feet) The measured magnetic field strength is less than 0. 418 / m ( 0. 00525 gauss) 。 If the distance is 4 items surface. 6 m in any of the magnetic field strength is greater than zero. 418 a/m, so the item is forbidden for air freight. Second, how to satisfy the standard of air freight? In order to meet the above requirements on air, need to do to airlift magnet demagnetization process, although called degaussing but it's not for magnet demagnetization, but rather through a special shielding packaging, make up foreign shows magnetic meet the aviation transportation safety requirements. Shielding packaging usually with high permeability material, such as manufacture, galvanized sheet, if large amount of magnetic materials to packaging layers. Permeability of high permeable materials is very high, according to the principle of Faraday electric cage, circulate in the box packing after the main magnetic field, leaking out less, shielding packing with carton or wooden cases. Three, to prevent interference on aircraft instruments especially compass instrument, the shipper of magnetic materials shall pack the goods according to the following way: 1. Magnetron and illuminance meter instrument and device instead of pole must be placed relatively. 2. Permanent magnet materials must be equipped with retentivity armature to shield, or in case of magnetic compass deviation instrument. Passive decoding degaussing plate as foam packaging. 3. Magnetic material of each package must be in accordance with the regulations of the international air transport association rules correct marking, and labeling. 4. Make sure before shipment, from 4 on the surface of the packaging. 6 m ( 15 feet) The measured magnetic field strength is less than 0. 418 / m ( 0. 00525 gauss) 。 5. Big outside suggest packed in wooden cases. Four, magnetic detection the inspection process needs to entrust a specialized agency ( Logistics transport agencies recognized testing institutions) Do the magnetic inspection for the air, and jiada magnetoelectric would need for each batch of air transport magnet demagnetization packaging processing, make the unit packing foreign shows magnetic meet the aviation transportation safety requirements. Airline carrier magnetic material or logistics company will require the customer do magnetic testing, to issue the report concerning air transport conditions to identify, in order to ensure the normal flight. Air appraisal normally only authorized by national civil aviation authority issued by a qualified professional appraisal company, and generally need to send the samples to professional appraisal company and then issue the appraisal report. Is not convenient to send samples, by the identification of the company's professional conduct site inspection, then issue the appraisal report. The validity of the appraisal report generally use this year, New Year, generally want to do. Magnetic detection to the customer in accordance with the requirements of air packaged goods, the test will not damage the packing of the goods, in principle, the test is wrong goods out of the box, only six surface of each package of stray magnetic field detection. If the goods are magnetic inspection is unqualified, need special attention, first under the consent of the customer, commissioned magnetic inspection staff will to the fact of the goods, then according to the specific situation put forward reasonable Suggestions. If the screen can meet the requirements of air transport, according to the customer to block the goods processing, and related fee. Five, in order to confirm the accuracy of the above content, small make up to send strong ndfeb magnetic name call the leading logistics company, get the following conclusion: send: domestic mainstream such as motion, shentong logistics company for magnetic materials are not air waybill, have to use land transportation; EMS, if the customer can issue the report concerning air transport conditions to identify and express LanShou member will determine whether or not the circumstances to the receiver. Send abroad: EMS sent to outside, not to accept the motion magnetic materials Including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) The waybill, regardless of the land or air shall not receive. Send overseas can use DHL or UPS, but require customers to do magnetic testing, express company can apply for inspection business, agent is usually to find Internet to do tests ( Point of origin different examination organization) , fees paid by the customer.
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